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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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eading out to my son’s school for curriculum night and I wasn’t planning on posting anything, but then I figured I had a couple of minutes and it gives everyone a chance to vent or squee about the day.

I hate that she just accepted everything and agreed to the marriage. I wish she would have told him that she’ll marry him but if she ever catches wind that he’s taken that toothpick out of his pants again, with Carly or anyone else, that she would Bobbittize him faster than he can say "betrayal".

I will say one positive thing about Skate/Sonny, he gave me the funny line of the day:

Sonny to Diane: "Sometimes, I get the feeling that you don’t even like me very much."

That is so the vibe I get from her and the tone MB used made me laugh. See, I’m not all negative about them!!

I did like Diane’s mock trial and Maxie’s attempt to keep up.

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I did like the Nik/Nadine stuff. It was very sweet.

Color me shocked that Carly apologized for interupting Liason. But I get very tired of the ‘woe is me’ after the fact that she always, always does


I loved that when AZ started in on Scotty about if Johnny gets convicted, that Scotty just told him to shove off. Scotty can be a blowhard at times, especially during this trial, but AZ’s threats get tiresome after a while and it’s always nice to see someone not bow down to them.

Johnny was aquitted, what a shocker….not. Now lets have some steamy ClauRic sex and Ric better have his shirt off!!!