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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.17.08

Paging Doctor Drake...which one? Well now that there are three of them, who will Epiphany call Drake Jr.? How is Matt's paternity uncovered? RUMORS say they ask Anna to use her connections and look into Matt's family. Anna finds out that Matt Hunter is actually a Drake. Noah is SUPPOSED to overhear Anna on the phone with her WSB peeps and learn that Matt is his son. Anna speaks with Matt who tells her that his mother is deceased and his dad is a deadbeat all of which is overheard by Noah. Patrick overhears Noah and Matt arguing and tells Robin that Matt Hunter is his brother.

Alexis is playing Jerry, Sam is playing Jerry...
do you really want to get caught playing with the man that held the Metro Court hostage? RUMORS say Jerry will blame Sam for his relationship with Alexis crumbling.


What about JLex? Will they still happen? I hear yes. I also hear it will not be a re-do of the Sam-Ric-Alexis storyline.

Jax and Alexis scenes... he wants her to handle the divorce. Will Alexis be his date to the Skate wedding?

What's the gift Jason is giving Elizabeth? Some said a dress, some said a secret wedding but what if it's a trip? In a nod to Liason's history, RUMORS say Jason plans a trip to Italy for himself and Elizabeth. The pair are meeting at the Studio and Jason is RUMORED to present her with the trip. Their plans will be to meet at the airport after Sonny and Kate's wedding. We all know how that's SUPPOSED to turn out so yes Liason Fans, the trip will never actually happen. At least not as planned.

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Kate and Olivia fight the day of the wedding. There SHOULD be some back and forth between the cousins leading up to the wedding about Kate's secret past and there will also be mentions of Olivia and Sonny's past relations. Is Olivia connected to someone else in town? I'm not referring to the possible love child that's RUMORED to pop up with Olivia and Sonny as the parents. I'm referring to RUMORS that Olivia MAY have connections to someone else in Port Chuck.

Do Kate and Sonny make it to the "I Do's"? I have heard that they do and then there are RUMORS that they are not husband and wife when the nuptials end with a bang.

Johnny and Lucky fighting? That's the LATEST. Supposedly big brother and the boyfriend come to blows over Lulu and what is best for her. Nikolas breaks them up and then kicks them both out.


ZaCrazy's plans for Ric? He wants him to keep an eye on Claudia. Is this the start of Clic?

RANDOM RUMORS... Cody a guest at the wedding? Max and Diane break up after a fight in front of Jason. Lainey tells Johnny its best if he stays away. Robin sees Sonny before the wedding but is called away and will not be at the wedding. Robin in a coma after giving birth? Liason hitting the sheets is coming....according to RUMORS.