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Can Canary and Lucci Save All My Children?

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A lack of direction, sinking ratings, storyline monopolization by a few select characters, fan uproar over the undoing of iconic storylines and viewer apathy plague All My Children. As Daytime Confidential's own Regan pointed out on a recent podcast "nothing should scare a show more than viewer indifference." Now Charles Pratt has the thankless job of trying to save a ship with cannonball sized holes in its bow. It isn't going to be the easiest of jobs.

Contract negotiations
between ABC and Alicia Minshew haven't gone well. Rumors that Rebecca Budig is taking the out in her contract have picked up steam. Lightening hasn't struck twice between Ricky Paull Goldin and Beth Ehlers' characters, though separately both characters have potential. The "Fusion Girls" concept, once fresh with possibilities, is worn, tired and a glaring blight on the show, cannibalizing all unfortunate enough to fall in its path. The teen scene is schizophrenic at best. At least a half dozen pointless characters litter the show, while misdirected couplings abound.

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So what can a new head writer do to save a sinking ship? Pratt is going back to basics and calling upon two of All My Children's most popular and legendary stars to help rebuild the show's foundation, David Canary and Susan Lucci. Both Adam and Erica have wandered in storyline wilderness for years, but re-pairing them is a win win, "pull ourselves up by our bootstraps," strategy that takes advatange of the actors' chemistry and history while bringing some fun back to a show that has had immensly little to smile about.

To be sure, Canary and Lucci are more than up to the task of helping save the show on which they have starred for so many years. Bringing these two iconic characters back together provides a foundation of stability on which everything else can be rebuilt,  allowing Pratt to throw fancy Hail Mary passes like the one-two punch casting of  Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun.