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Family Bonding Back on Y&R

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The Young and the Restless, seems to be pulling long lost relatives out of the woodwork for the past few years. First it was Cane Ashby aka Phillip Chancellor III, then it was D.A. Heather Stevens, next came Adam Wilson aka Victor II along with Chloe Mitchell née Katherine Valentine and now Tyra and Ana Hamilton with River/Lowell Baldwin guest starring.

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With all the drama that has been going on in Genoa City you'd think that some well known family members would reemerge but where the hell are they? When Victoria Newman Hellstrom had her accident, where in the world was her doctor aunt Casey Reed? The same goes for daddy Victor. Why hasn't his baby brother Matt Miller come to town? I kinda hoped that he's at least be mentioned in Victor's will when everyone thought he went to visit his Chéri for good, but it's as if Matt has fallen off the face of the earth.

Now that Heather's back in Paul's life wouldn't it be a great thing for the Williams family to reconnect? Wouldn't Paul want his siblings to meet their niece and see how much of a chip off the ole' investigative block she's become? I'm quite sure Mary would love to see her granddaughter pop out a baby with the newest Newman kid or even pester her little Paulie to finally settle down again.

Viewers haven't heard what Brock thinks of Jill being his sister or that Cane is his nephew. Why would he since he and Jill had a thing, scratch that a marriage thing back in the day that they'd want to forget quickly. Can you say incest boys and girls?

Would you like to see Genoa City reunited with loved ones?