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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Loved, loved, loved Diane today. Loved that she dumped Max because of his supposed cheating, then kept Jason waiting for their meeting because she had to change shoes, and then loved that she got thoroughly disgusted with Max’s notion that she has a thing for Sonny. She looked like she was going to puke at the very idea!! Loved how disgusted she was that she and Max go fishing. Loved the look on Jason’s face when she was complaining about fishing. CH was totally on today.

Line of the day:

Diane to Max: “Kate Howard might have the better wardrobe, but I have the better backbone……..Be gone with you, boytoy”.

Matt looks surprisingly good for someone who apparently has third degree burns. Exactly where are those burns because they’re not on his head, face or arms.

Nice to see Noah back and I liked the explanation of where he’s been. Sweet Anna/Noah scenes with nice talk about their upcoming granddaughter. I’m not looking forward to this Noah/Matt story though.

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Carly/Spixie: Ok, while I appreciate the attempt at humor with Spixie setting Carly up on a date, I also find it leaves a bit of a bad taste since Carly’s been single all of five minutes. It’s a funny story/situation, but couldn’t it wait a couple of weeks? Let’s have some mileage on the CarJax separation/divorce before we have them getting their groove on with someone else.

Johnny/Lulu: I still don’t care, and I still won’t believe Laura’s real, until Nikolas and Lucky have both seen and spoken to her. I don’t care how many doctors they parade in front of us. For all we know, that doctor could also be a figment of Lulu’s imagination since she was doubting her sanity when it comes to her mother.

AZ/Claudia/Ric: I so wish Claudia had played it cool when Anthony declared her worthy of being part of the business, and not been so girly with the squealing. Loved that AZ is seeing Ric’s worth over Trevor.