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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.18.08


Scrubs...they're having a baby and they're getting engaged. Look for Robin and Patrick to make that additional step towards commitment in early October. What about the baby? She's coming on October 29th and Uncle Matt will be there to help with the delivery. What about the aftermath? Remember I mentioned that Robin's HIV will be addressed more with the delivery and then after the birth. Will Robin and Patrick's baby be HIV+? That's a RUMOR out there. I'm no doctor but from what I understand, all babies born to an HIV+ woman intially test HIV+. Will TPTB keep her HIV+?

Would gunfire at your wedding bring you back to your mobtacular ways?
That will be the big question after gunmen hit up Sonny and Kate's wedding. Will this tie into Liason's storyline? If Sonny steps back into power, can Jason step down and claim his family?

How badly is Kate hurt?
Some said it was bad, while other RUMORS suggested that Sonny takes his bride home with him that same night. Will the Jason and Sonny friendship get a little repair while Sonny is dealing with this crisis? RUMORS say it MAY be coming.

Will Jake's paternity ever be revealed? I'm giving fans a sodium overload again as you'll need your salt shakers nearby for these. RUMORS say that Jake's paternity is revealed in October. I know, I know, it's all been said before. BUT remember, something is happening the week of September 22nd that is RUMORED to be HUGE for Liason fans. IF the paternity is FINALLY revealed, there will be an aftermath.


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Does Jerry really care about Alexis? So far all signs say yes and in the end, JLex will be together. I've mentioned it before but it seems Jerry will get a backstory. We SHOULD learn more about Jerry Jacks' time away from Port Chuck. Everyone is looking for their enemies' weakness. Will Sasha find out that Jerry has real feelings for the DA and use that against him.

RANDOM RUMORS...Kate should be worried about Carly and Olivia. Carly gets a kick out of learning that Olivia and Sonny had a thing. Maxie visits Matt and Spinelli walks in. Ric sees how Anthony is with Claudia and becomes protective of her. Claudia mixes it up with Max and Milo's dad. Sam and Lucky are worried that Alexis and her daughters are not safe.


SWEEPS...more RUMBLINGS coming our way about the Sweeps set up. The LATEST RUMORS are that we'll have a brief flash forward to someone's funeral and then we'll go back in time and watch it all unfold. Guza is good at Sweeps, its about the only thing that I still have faith in the man to do well. My question: Who do you all think is in the casket?