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The Young and The Restless: Spoiler Snack

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The spoilers are rolling down the river likeIke and Tina Turnerfor The Young and The Restless!


Michael: He has a sister via River named Eden, who rolls into Genoa City, and faults and rips into Michael for dear ole' dad's bust. Naturally, Michael being Michael, doesn't take kindly to the newest edition to his family and thinks she's a little snot.

Michael decides to take one for the team and vows to his baby sister that he'll help their dad beat the rap for murder charges. Unbeknownst to Eden, she has no idea that River is wanted for murder. She just thinks he's a political activist and that's the reason for his arrest.

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Michael decides to see River/Lowell and lets him in on Eden being in GC. Michael tries to get information on who or where Eden's mother is but, River keeps tight lipped about it and implores Michael to watch over his newly discovered sister. He agrees to it and invites her to stay with him and Lauren.

Meanwhile, when Michael and Lauren get ready for Eden's stay, the Baldwins find out that River will be extradited back to Detroit to face the murder rap. Kevin clues big brother Michael in on who dimed out River..... Jeffery!

This promts Michael to have a showdown with his stepdad.