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The Young and the Restless: Spoiler Town and Rumorville

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Things start to take shape on The Young and The Restless.


Colleen/Lily: Their friendship takes a hit. Could it be that pesky dating your BFF's ex-hubby thing?

Chloe/Esther: Seems "Kate" and her mommy have a mother daughter chat.

Adam: Victor II starts to think twice and reconsider his scheme with Jack on crushing Victor.

Jack: Old Smilin' J attempts to rally his family to align with him in taking over Jabot.

Newman kids 1.0/Nikki/Victor: While at Restless Style, Nick hears music coming from the Newman art museum and goes downstairs to check it out.  Inside, Nick discovers Victor, who has made plans to have all the artwork the late Mrs. Newman acquired and packed up. He also finds out that dad gave his security  team the pink slip. Nick tries to help Victor, but he rebuffs his offer and tells his son to leave him be. After Nick departs, Victor starts to "see," Sabrina and screams out for her. Nick hears this and rushes to his father where he finds Victor has passed out on the floor!

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The Newman patriarch is taken to the hospital and Victoria and Nick, along with Nikki are told Victor's experiencing malnutrition and self imposed dehydration. This gives the kids time to think on what is going on with Victor's mental state, and it leads Victoria to come to the decision to have her father committed. Nikki is dead set against the idea since the last time that was done, things wound up badly (when Victor was dealing with his epilepsy and started to become paranoid).

Meanwhile Nick becomes conflicted on what should be done with Victor. He starts to consider having Victor committed since his father appears to not be able to care for himself. Nick tries to get to the bottom of Victor's behavior starting with his trip to Mexico, which he asks Nikki about, who in turn keeps mum on the situation. Viewers should take note, Victor's breakdown has more to it than the loss of Sabrina... Keep in mind that we don't know exactly what took place in Mexico and that's going to be a key factor in Victor's current mental state. That and viewers will be left guessing if Victor will end his life.....

Signs are hinting that Victor's Mexico trip has made him start to disbelieve in things that have meaning and any actions that are made as a result of them. Now, for all the Victor and Nikki fans out there, this is where their love affair will take shape. According to Y&R Co-Head Writer Scott Hamner, "This is launching another chapter in their lives, involving the love and the bond that always exists between them, whether they're estranged or not.....we're setting up for a future story and a huge self-sacrifice by Nikki."

Rumors to chew on

Glo Cream: The truth behind the cream debacle will finally be revealed and the players involved in the caper will be punished severely for their part in it.

Michael/Lauren: The lovebirds will split due to the tainted cream chaos.

Gloria: Seems "Glo Worm" snags Jabot.  Take note: This should make Luke dance and me wanna upchuck.