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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu/Laura: Ok, so now they’re telling us she is real, that the doctors were sworn to secrecy. Yet, Lainie didn’t seem to know. And why would doctors do anything based on the askings of someone who’s just woken up from a catatonic state? Fine, he got her to sign documents, but was she of sound mind when she did? I’m still not going to believe it until I see her with Lucky or Nikolas.

Layla/Jax: So glad she turned him down and left.

Interesting of Jerry to get ahead of Sam and tell Alexis that Sam is coming onto him.

Carly/Spixie: It’s cute, but really, that’s all they have to do all day is try to get Carly’s groove back? And why would they care? Of course the only person she’d truly be compatible with is Jason, although I’m not sure what she expects him to say about that, since she just saw him making out with Liz.

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Max/Diane: Ok, it was cute and funny yesterday. Today, not so much. Diane’s bawling on Jason’s shoulders was a bit much. Why couldn’t she go and commiserate with Alexis? Max showing up drunk at Kate’s was a bit funny but still, I’m over it.

Nik/Nadine: Still cute and I had no problem with the kiss. I do like that she wanted to clean up whatever mess she’d made, since she’s not someone who would have had a housekeeper or butler growing up. So long as they don’t turn her into a complete goober when she’s around him, this could be a decent relationship.

Ok, I get that the whole, “I’m still your father”, was so that Patrick would overhear it, but it was just weird all the same. Noah just finished explaining that Matt’s mom wanted nothing to do with him except his child support check and Matt is all grown up now, so why would he use that line on him? I really, really, don’t want to spend the next couple of months relistening to the Patrick/Noah fight. Because, you know it’s coming.

Cute Robin/Patrick scene:
I really wished they would name the baby Georgie, or at least the middle name, although Alisa Rose is a pretty name as well. And here’s a crazy thought, why not give her both last names, as in Alisa Rose Drake Scorpio. Tons of people do it.