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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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If Matt has third degree burns on his legs, shouldn’t his legs be in special bandages and not under heavy blankets? If he is in ICU, shouldn’t he be allowed only one visitor at a time? I would think that with third degree burns, they wouldn’t want to contaminate the patient, so wouldn’t any visitor need to be covered with those lovely yellow gowns? Should I be thinking all that during the horrible, “I am your father” revelation? Do I really need to hear the Patrick/Noah, “You were a horrible father”, “I did the best that I could” fight for the 8,907th time? UGH. I did think it was sweet that Robin extended the olive branch to Dr. Annoying who, of course, grabbed the olive branch and smacked her repeatedly across the face with it. Although, in Matt’s defense, he’s probably in a boat load of pain from those terrible third degree burns (small sarcasm there!!).

Glad to see Carly didn’t do anything with the whole ‘we are compatible’ stuff that ended the show yesterday. She acknowledged that she and Jason will never work out romantically, so that should end all Jason/Carly possible hook up rumours that might be out there. And he clearly told Spinelli that he does love Liz, but refuses to do anything about it.

Good to see the Alexis/Diane wine drinking/men bashing scene that I was expecting yesterday. Although I still don’t understand why she would believe Jerry over Sam, despite Sam’s past. Yes, Sam slept with Ric, but Jerry blew up a building with people in it.

Ok, I thought it was a sweet “date”. Carly showed some compassion towards him and I think steered him back to Diane. And, call me sappy, but I thought Max with the boombox at the end was kind of sweet.

Why is Giselle, Kate’s arch nemesis/enemy, her maid of honor? I know she explained to Mike that she doesn’t have a lot of female friends, but why not have Clarice, with whom she does get along?

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Loved the looks on Nik and Lucky’s faces when Lulu kept insisting that Mom was awake. That look of, “she’s crazy” that passed between them made me laugh. I’m actually at the point that I dislike Lulu so much, that I’m glad Laura went back into her coma and people think she’s loony.

I’m assuming that the chick that showed up at the bar to hit on Sonny was the infamous Olivia. Is it just me, or in that shot, did she not look a LOT like Claudia?