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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.19.08


Remember to check the comments, I dropped a lot in there yesterday. Here's what you may have missed.

Re: Steve Burton...No real news, he MAY pop up in a mag commenting on his contract. Nothing seems to match up though. He supposedly told fans his contract was up in Oct '09, the media reported this October and this interview that he SUPPOSEDLY gave says next summer.

Everything that I've seen says that Robert is not being killed off.
One thing to note about Sri, he gets the history of GH and I don't see him killing off a legacy character.

Lucky MAY be telling Johnny to stay away, even Lainey told him to back off...that doesn't mean he'll listen. Johnny has be RUMORED to be sneaking Lulu out of Shadybrook and the LATEST says, he sneaks her out to take her to SKate's wedding.

Is Lulu gettting worse? She MAY be, especially when she questions if her mother was ever really there. Also, Laura's own illness has Lulu terrified.

Kate's secrets are coming out and no one will be more pleased than Carly.
What about when she finds out that Jax knew all along?

Olivia's RUMORED brother...
IF it's her brother coming, I hear he's not a mobbie (color me surprised) but he is a bad dude.

MORE ... a few days ago there were RUMORS that Morgan and Cam were set to be SORAS'd. Now I am hearing that the little boy who plays Morgan has filmed his last scenes.

Kate's injuries UPDATE... the LATEST? She MAY be shot in the chest.

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Jason's willing to be Carly's date so he can make sure she doesn't do anything stupid. It looks like Carly will just have to sit back and watch as Olivia and Kate are RUMORED to fight at the church in front of everyone.

Here' s the NEWEST Scoop!

The Great Drug Caper... is it being wrapped up sooner than planned? RUMORS say that MAY be the case. Remember, Sasha and Karpov think Jerry is a "rat" and start looking for his weakness. After the wedding Jason gets pulled into the storyline because of Karpov or possibly Elizabeth. See below for more...


Kate is shot! Is it the chest wound I mentioned above or is it a minor injury? Whichever it is, it puts Jason's surprise for Elizabeth on hold and SHOULD be pulling Sonny back into the business.

Where's Elizabeth if she's not at the wedding? She'll be at the hospital and the RUMORS of her being hurt MAY come to play here. While at work, RUMORS say Elizabeth is attacked by a patient. She's cut, needs stitches and is prescribed some pain meds. After Kate is hurt, Jason tells her their plans are off and it SEEMS that he tries to push her away by telling her this is exactly why they can't be together. Elizabeth tells Jason she's not walking away from him. Now, Elizabeth MAY be getting sick off those pain meds she's given. Don't forget, its not just faulty drugs anymore, some of these meds coming in are poison. This MAY be how Jason really gets brought in to the Great Drug Caper.

Laura slips back into her catatonic state.  I mentioned yesterday (see above) that Lulu will question her sanity when she asks herself if Laura ever was really awake. Why you might ask considering that doctor confirmed everything yesterday? Don't forget, Laura doesn't want anyone to know she was awake and when the doctor says Lulu is wrong, he MAY just be following Laura's wishes.


More Secrets? RUMORS say Claudia wants to know what Ric is hiding. Daddy Lansing steps back up and gets the chance to reclaim the #1spot on ZaCrazy's payroll.

RANDOM RUMORS... Jason wants to make a commitment to Elizabeth. Matt losing the beard? I mentioned it a week or so ago. What if it happens onscreen? Who's holding the razor? RUMORS say Maxie! Who will overhear Lulu's confession? Get a salt shaker... online RUMBLINGS say a new opening sequence is being shot at the end of September. This one MAY be legit as TPTB might have been waiting for contracts to be signed.