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Nuke vs. Rianca, Improving Daytime?



The single best thing to happen to As the World Turns and All My Children over the past five years may have taken place when All My Children announced that Eden Riegel is returning to Pine Valley and bringing Tamara Braun along with her, as Bianca's new girlfriend. 

Its been said that "competition breeds innovation" and for the sake of both shows let's hope it's true. All My Children bringing on a lesbian "power couple" in the form of Bianca and Reese will force As the World Turns to get up off its ass, get rid of the alleged Nuke backburning policy and write a meaningful story for Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann. If it doesn't, As the World Turns will find itself in the unenviable position of being the soap that wasted away one of daytime's most popular couples (their first kiss has 1.5 million hits on Youtube).

Unlike Luke and Noah, who have never slept together, we've seen Bianca in bed with another woman, but the show wrote Bianca into a corner. When fans demanded that Bianca make Babe pay for her crimes The Powers That Be wrote her as a patron saint. When fans begged for a the return of Maggie, Lena or a viable romantic love interest The Powers That Be pulled a "ripped from the headlines" story and gave us Zarf.

For All My Children the return of Bianca and the introduction of Reese provides an opportunity for redemption, when telling of a gay story. ABC fans familiar with Tamara Braun on General Hospital will be tuning in to see her. Longtime All My Children fans will want to know how Bianca fell in love with Reese and why. Granted, the arrival of Eden and Tamara in of itself doesn't guarantee a quality storyline, but it does give All My Children a clean slate on which to build a potentially great story.

It may be to much hope that having two popular gay couples, on rival soaps, will force both shows to write the best storylines they can, but for the time being I am.

Do you think Nuke vs. Rianca will be good for All My Children and As the World Turns?