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SOAPnet's Sneak Peeks

Here's SOAPnet's Sneak Peek at your favorite ABC Soaps!


On All My Children:

Poor Greenlee. When she put on some Bella perfume, she didn't expect to get doused with the sample Pete tainted. A loopy Greenlee is a chatty Greenlee, who tells Aidan that her previous statements about kids are null and void. She wants babies. RYAN's babies. Then she removes the foot from her mouth. Okay, not really.

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On One Life to Live:

The prospect of losing Shane as a son is hard on Brody. In fact, he's having a mental breakdown. The military man dresses up in his uniform and goes to pick Shane up at school. But he's not planning to take Shane home. Instead, he brings the boy to the courthouse to change his surname to Lovett! And after that, Brody plans to take Shane on an unscheduled father-son vacay.

On General Hospital:

But we can't really blame Jason; he's got his mind on other things, namely Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). He's busy arranging an uber-romantic getaway for the two of them; will she throw caution to the wind and say "yes" to the secret rendezvous?

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