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The Young and the Restless: Scrumptious Spoilers

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It seems like the gang at The Young and the Restless are getting certain storylines to pick up steam!


Chloe: Once again, the fashion maven gets one up on Cane when she bribes the lab tech to change the true date of the baby's conception. She gives him the faux report. That's not the only thing Kate/Chloe tries to keep under wraps.. Chloe has a little history with Billy! She tells him to keep his trap shut about their past sexual dalliance to Cane.

Cane/Billy:  Jill's sons finally meet. Cane is happy to meet baby brother Billy however, Billy doesn't seem to share the same feelings. Cane unintentionally dishes to Billy that Chloe's really Kate, Esther's daughter. Meanwhile, Billy attempts to hide his real persona.

Is Y&R finally headed towards their classic roots? You be the judge: Billy seems to take a special interest in Lily, you remember his big brother's ex and love of his life.....

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