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All My Children Scoops & Spoilers

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Happy weekend my Pine Valley residents!  It's a short one this week!  Remember to keep checking back in the comments for more updates. 

Randi/Frankie/Taylor/Dr.Hubbard:  Randi has a fan, Angie, who decides she is good for Frankie.   Taylor and Frankie hang out, but it turns out not to be so good of an evening when he gets himself arrested because of Taylor, who gets her taste of Angie's wrath! 

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Tad/Jesse/Angie:  Tad and Angie just will not stop hounding Jesse about his past. Tad can't help but eavesdrop on a phone call that Jesse is making.  Tad finds himself getting closer to Jesse's big secret. Will Jesse tell Angie everything?      

Annie/Ryan/Emma:  Ryan freaks when he finds a gun in Annie's room, prompting him to take Emma away.  Annie is not having it, will she resort to drastic measures to get her daughter back?

Aidan and Greenlee:  A romantic evening turns sour when Greenlee sprays herself with a bad bottle of Bella and confesses that she wants to have Ryan's babies.  No comment from this blogger, I 'll let all of you say it for me.

Little A/Annie:  The little tyke swallows his mother's 4th engagement ring and it's Annie to the rescue!

Pete/Adam:  The dynamic duo are spending too much time together which makes Babe's spidey senses go into action!

Miscelleanous:  Pete gets struck by mother nature (lighting) and becomes Mr. Suave!  Zach and Kendall continue have marriage problems.  Greenlee goes off on Annie, but for what reason?