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Are Ryan and Greenlee soulmates?

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I promised myself I would say nothing more about this subject, but after posting the spoilers and watching last week's episodes, I cannot keep my mouth shut anymore! So Danielle is on a rant! Look out!


Greenlee and Ryan, Part 5, WHY! WHY!   This couple has been forced on this fan from day one.  Greenlee 'wanted' (and I use that term loosely) Ryan only for herself because she was a horny teenager who was dumped by Scott Chandler, until she met her soulmate Leo.  She tortured Gillian and any other woman who came across Ryan for kicks!  Greenlee never loved Ryan the way Gillian did and she never loved anyone the way she loved Leo. The couple got together after Leo's death only because Leo and Ryan were best friends. Yeah right.   Greenlee and Ryan are about has good to watch as a 24 hour marathon of Flavor of Love

In my real life, I work for a law firm where I deal with workers' compensation and often I have client's who 'shop for whore doctors'. Meaning the client wants a doctor who will do what they want, will give them the medicine they don't need, the doctor is a pill pusher and the client becomes an addict.   Greenlee is Ryan's whore doctor as far as this blogger is concerned. 

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