"At Least She's A Girl!" Eden Riegel Dishes AMC Return, Tams and Future of IB with Daytime Confidential

Every so often a story breaks that reminds you why you haven't deleted the entire daytime soap lineup from your DVR. This past week such a development took place. ABC/SOAPnet announced the unforgettable Eden Riegel would be reprising her groundbreaking role as Bianca on
All Ryan Lavery's Children. If that wasn't reason enough to make a pilgrimage to Mount Soap-Olympus, Binks will be coming home with a new lady love named Reese, played by none other than this blogger's all-time favorite General Hospital heroine Tamara Braun (ex-Carly). Talk about Gay Paree!


I must admit my excitement was initially mixed with a bit of panic . As much as I can't wait to see the Emmy-winning Riegel share screentime with "My Tamara"—as I affectionately started referring to Braun years ago on the SOAPnet GH message board —I was concerned  with what Riegel's return would mean for Imaginary Bitches, the show that singlehandedly made me give a damn about webisodic television. Not to worry, the lovely Riegel quieted all my fears and provided Daytime Confidential with some awesome insight into how Bink's return came about, whether or not Maggie is next and the future of Imaginary Bitches.

Daytime Confidential: Congrats on reprising your role as Bianca! How did it come about?

Eden Riegel: Thanks! Because of Imaginary Bitches I have a new-found presence on the web, and that has put me in close contact with fans and bloggers like you guys at Daytime Confidential.  All I've been hearing about is how much everyone would love it if Bianca could make a return.  Of course, I always want to pay Pine Valley a visit.  But after watching Erica languish in prison without so much as a "how-do-you-do" from Binks, I decided it was time to express my eagerness to return to someone who could actually make it happen.  The folks at AMC cooked up a great story for me, and now I am happily heading home.

DC: General Hospital and Days of Our Lives alum Tamara Braun will be playing your new love interest, Reese. Are you excited about working with her?


ER: I am beyond excited.  I am a huge admirer of hers from her work on GH.  She is an awesome talent and stunningly beautiful.  Bianca deserves no less!

DC: I agree! How do you think the BAM fans will respond to their Binks finding a new love?

ER: I'm pretty sure BAM fans will never be entirely satisfied until they have their two favorite girls together forever. But Lizzie's [Elizabeth Hendrickson] been so successful on Y&R [as Chloe Ashby], and is so obviously happy there, I am hoping they are able to embrace this pairing for the time being.  Hey, at least she's a woman.  And maybe sometime down the road the show would be able to entice Lizzie back for a visit to Pine Valley.  I do have pull with the little munchkin.  I bet I could get her to do it.

DC:Will this affect the next season of Imaginary Bitches?

ER: Definitely not.  At least negatively. It does give us extra impetus for getting the DVD out on the market sooner. Maybe my return to the show will help us spread the word a little bit more about IB. That would be awesome. But as far as season 2 and beyond, everything is shaping up beautifully.  More to come. You know you guys will be the first to know!