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Days of Our Lives: Denial Island Preview

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G'day Days fans, welcome to another Denial Island Preview for the week beginning September 22.  This week, the beginning of a whodunit murder, an "I think you have cancer" diagnosis and a pretty serious job promotion for one of Salem’s most loved characters is what's in store for you on Days of Our Lives.  Intrigued?  Well, read on for details on these and other happenings in Salem this week.


Who is the new Salem Police Commissioner?  After Abe’s hissy fit last week, the job is open – and it’s none other than Hope Brady who is named as next in line.  That suits Bo and Roman, but what about Hope?  The dodgy thing here is that the Mayor is the one who’s named Hope as the replacement but is he on the DiMera payroll?  What is Stefano up to now?

Speaking of Stefano, he has another little chat with brother Jawn this week, and also with daughter Lexie.  She, like brothers EJ and Tony, disowns her father which is sure to make Stefano really happy.  Not.  Coupled with this, is an angry Marlena who comes to confront him after Jawn has a seizure.

John has a seizure?  Yes – in front of Anna.  It’s a good thing she has a girly chat with Marlena who confides that she thinks Jawn has been behaving a bit strangely (hate to tell you Marlena, but this Jawn just IS strange).  A CT scan of Jawn’s brain confirms what everyone has known for years: that there is something wrong with his brain and there are no prizes for guessing who is responsible.  But is Jawn actually ok?  Spoilers seem to indicate he is, but we all know how quickly things are rewritten, I mean change, in Salem.

Chelsea and Daniel come face to face for the first time this week.  Is the chemistry still there?  Daniel thinks it is, but he’ll have the task convincing Chelsea of that.  No, she hasn’t forgiven him yet, and she talks with ex-bf Nick about why she and Daniel broke up in the first place.  That’s sure to stir up some old memories with Nick.  Does Chelsea want Nick back?  She certainly indicates she still has feelings for the guy to gal pal Stephanie, but has Melanie already moved in?

That’s not the only place Melanie is moving – without Pimp Daddy Trent to support her anymore (or was it the other way around), Melanie is now homeless.  Luckily, her newfound brother Max has the best adoptive mom in the world. Caroline offers her a room at the pub.  Take that Pimp Daddy!

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More trouble for Pimp Daddy Trent – Melanie never technically paid his debt to bookie Claude and he’s not willing to forget it.  To make matters worse, Max is making threats on his life and Melanie hates him too (might as well eat some worms).  Things are not looking good and they’re about to get much worse… 6 feet under worse.

News about Nicole being Pimp Daddy's wife travels fast, and makes a stop at Victor’s door.  Of course, he demands the return of Nicole’s divorce settlement and off she goes running to lawyer and new (gag) boyfriend EJ.

On a more somber note, Dr. Dan makes a provisional diagnosis on Kate’s cough – from looking at her X-rays he thinks he sees cancer in her lung.  Is this the end for the Momma Bear?  Does she really have cancer or is it a plot between Dr. Dan and Kate to get Chelsea’s sympathies and make her forgive them?

Wave Goodbye To:

Trent Robbins (Roscoe Born) is killed off this week, but the actor is contracted until October 31, so it's likely we'll see him in some flashbacks.

Hmm... Have You Noticed?

How much Jawn is coming to Sami's rescue lately?  Is it just me, or did they have just a few seconds of inappropriate chemistry last week?

Coming Up Next Week:

  • Caroline is arrested for Pimp Daddy Trent's murder.
  • Nicole and Sami both discover they’re pregnant.
  • Philip and Chloe kiss???

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer:
All opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect a sound mind LOL... well I watch Days!!!!  What do you expect??