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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.22.08

It's SUPPOSED to be a good week for the Liason Fans and this week ends with Sonny and Kate walking down the aisle.
Jason is there with Carly, but it's before the wedding that SHOULD have Liason Fans very happy.


Leading up to the nups...nuptials that is. Spixie puts in some extra effort to get Jason to go to the wedding. Jason has a surprise up his sleeve for Elizabeth. Kate comes face to face with Olivia. What's Olivia's secret? Who's shooting while the bride is walking down the aisle? Kate is hit and Sonny wants his enemies to pay. This will bring Sonny back into the mob. It's still a little unclear if Sonny and Kate are Husband and Wife before she's taken to GH.

It's my Birthday week... so it's going to be a Liason overload week. Sorry to the non-fans, but its a little b-day present to myself! Jason has his surprise working and he goes to Elizabeth and lays his feelings for her out on the table.

Jason and Karpov... Jason has a warning for the Russian mobster. 

LuSam Fans... are they taking things to the next level? RUMORS have had Sam and Lucky going on another trip. Online RUMBLINGS say that the trip was confirmed at a fan event. It looks like Sam and Lucky take Cake (that's Cam & Jake's squish name) on a camping trip. Strange twist... and not sure how this makes sense since this info was said to be dropped at a Kelly Monaco & Greg Vaughn fan event, but COULD the camping trip be the Morgan family?

Luke and Laura will interact. Be sure to check out the promos posted, especially the Longer Look.

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Sorry... there isn't much out there this morning and unfortunately, I will be MIA a bit today. Hopefully, I'll be able to update more later on today.

In case you didn't check Friday's comments, here are the updates you may have missed.

Is Olivia around for the long term? EARLY RUMBLINGS had said they MAY consider signing LoCicero to a contract if Olivia is a hit with the viewers. As of right now, she's only slated to appear on a "handful" of episodes.

Jason poors it all out. We're used to seeing Jason's stoic approach. This time I hear it's Jason with his heart in his hands. No fear... after Kate is shot, Elizabeth won't let Jason have a Michael shooting re-do. Nods to Liason history? Sharpen your ears Liason Fans, I hear they MAY be coming.

Sarah Staying? So far it looks like no, BUT you never know in Soap Land. We'll have a mini triangle/quadrangle with Ric-Claudia-Nic-Nadine. Look for the push towards Nadine as she's the actress that is defintely sticking around.

No Vanessa thanks to a little Lipstick.
But what about Kristina? Will Sri work his wonders and bring back one half of one of my favorite GH couples? Kristina Wagner MAY be haeding back to Port Chuckles. Question is, will it be on GH or NS?

They haven't given up on M&M but they know Spixie is HUGE to the fans.
Expect a triangle and if Kirsten and Jason strike gold again, I would imagine M&M will win out. If its a flop, Spixie is solid, Matt is a Drake and all is well.

Nazanin has come a long way since she first started
. Is she ready for a storyline of her own? Not sure and right now Nadine is the nurse getting the screentime. There is a new doc coming with an english accent. RUMORS say he MAY be for Leyla but they tested him against Laura Wright.

MORE RUMORS about Steve... if all the media reports are TRUE, he's made it pretty clear that he's thinking of taking his leave. SUPPOSEDLY, he has said because of this he would like to see Jason's current pairing stay as is. Does he deserve a Tony G. deal? Yes. And IMO it could only benefit the show and other actors that deserve more airtime if he had some extra time off. NOW, that being said, Jason is a HUGE part of GH and even a reduced amount of time would leave a hole, at first. NOW... we heard a little RUMBLING that TPTB MAY have already extended SBu a new deal that is for multiple years. He'll have plenty of time to ponder it over.