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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I’ve got to say, I kind of like Olivia… far. She wasn’t as big a caricature that I thought they would make her, and she’s pretty much the anti-Kate, more down to earth, less hoity toity. Plus, she didn’t think Kate was all that, nor did she fall all over Sonny like most women in this town are forced to do. I’m actually interested in how she and Kate will interact.

The hypocrite of the day award goes to Kate (sorry Kate fans!).

Kate to Jason: “It’s important to have your family around you on your special day.”

And yet, I don’t see any Falconieris on that guest list. Also, why did she go and see Carly. She never wins in those arguments, and to me she came across as very childlike and petty: “Sonny and I are in love and we are getting married.”

Carly/Jason: I kind of liked their scene together. Carly was very subdued, not her usual hyper self. She wasn’t there to get Jason to fix whatever mess she’s made, but more to have a sounding board.

Jason/Spixie: Gotta love Maxie. Only Maxie would find a way to explain that Jason’s absence from a wedding would lead to the destruction of her fashion career!!

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I love Robin and Patrick, but can they leave Matt alone already. It’s been two minutes since the reveal and they’re determined that he’s going to accept Patrick as his big brother, gosh darn it. Maybe he needs a minute or eleventy to digest everything and maybe he’s in a wee bit of pain from his third degree leg burns to be thinking straight. Back off a little, kids.

I’m tired of Noah constantly mentioning climbing back in the bottle the instant something doesn’t go his way. You know what, suck it up, be a man, and deal with the fall out of both your sons not thinking that the sun rises and shines with you.

The more they’re now telling us that Laura was a figment of Lulu’s imagination, the more I’m now wanting to believe she wasn’t. Maybe I’m just being contrary!! I did like the Spencer's scenes and I did like the heart to heart that Nikolas had with her and I thought JMB did a good job in the final Lulu/Laura scene. She played it rather subdued and resigned, broken almost. I do wonder if Laura really is all in Lulu’s head, then she has major problems and no one, including Dr. Winters, seems to be dealing with that.