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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Today, I wasn’t liking Olivia as much. Maybe I misheard, but those conversations with brother Vito clearly made me think that after 20 years Olivia still has a thing for Sonny, and that’s why she’s going to the wedding. I don’t want another woman to have a thing for Sonny. Especially not after all this time. I want Olivia to be this tough woman, who’s only giving Sonny the time of day because she knew him once. I want Olivia to go to Kate’s wedding and make Kate uncomfortable since she’s a part of her past, and so that Sonny’s big gift blows up in his face. I want fireworks between Olivia and Kate, about her abandoning her family, not because she took Sonny from Olivia. Is that too much to ask?

I love Kirsten Storms. I loved the Maxie/Lulu scenes. Maxie, all happy and exuberant despite visiting a patient in a mental hospital. Maxie, who brought Lulu a designer dress knowing that Lulu hates fashion, and brought it in her own size and left with it. Maxie actually listening to Lulu and commiserating with her. Maxie’s awkward hug and her “I don’t know why I just did that, sorry”. And JMB becomes a different actress in scenes with KS. I see a different side of Lulu, one that I can tolerate. They hate each other, but not really. They’re friends, but not really. Well done.

I wasn’t in love with the Maxie/Carly scene at first. I didn’t understand why Maxie would go to Carly and basically trash Kate, then do her darndest to get Carly to go to the Skate wedding. Then I realized that Maxie’s end game is for Jason to go to the Skate wedding, and the best way to get him there is to get Carly involved.

Stupid scene of the day:
Spinelli measuring Jason. I get that they threw that in there, either as another of Spin’s wacky hijinx, or to let us know that Spin’s scheming to get Jason to the nuptials, but no one would behave like that normally. If he wanted to know Jason’s measurements, all he had to do was go upstairs, in his closet and measure whatever is already there. I don’t like silly scenes like that one.

Loved the Alexis/Jax scene. They are such good friends, and she did tell him that there’s no love lost between her and Carly, in terms of doing the divorce stuff.

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I’m not a fan of the mob stuff, but I did enjoy Jason, walking into the Zachara home and telling Anthony what’s what. That gave me a hearty chuckle.

Funny line of the day:

Anthony to Jason: “Did you just sneak past my guards, or am I going to have to call for some body bags.”

I laughed, because I’m always complaining about how horrible everyone’s bodyguards are and finally, someone acknowledges their incompetence.