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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.23.08


Kate opening up to Sonny? They're getting married, I hope she opens up to him. It looks like we MAY get more of Kate's backstory leading up to the wedding. Don't forget Sonny's surprise guest Olivia who hits town with a secret, the key to Kate's secret and a challenge for Sonny. Will Olivia spill Kate's secret to her biggest enemy? SPOILERS say Carly is very pleased to meet Olivia. These same SPOILERS say that Kate is shot while saying her vows and in typical Sonny fashion, he wants to retaliate immediately.

Is that part of ZaCrazy's plan? Make it look like Karpov is responsible for shooting the bride? Anthony knows Sonny acts first and thinks later but Jason always lets his cool head prevail. More turmoil for the former friends? Sonny makes demands and Jason isn't too pleased about it. What else is Sonny declaring? He wants his business back. When Jason wants to investigate the shooting first, will Sonny ask him if it was Elizabeth in that hospital bed would he be asking questions?

When the shot rings out... Jax protects Carly.

Will Maxie be crushed when she learns that Kate is a big old fake? RUMORS say the Junior Fashionista is not happy to learn her idol is a knock off designer original.

Elizabeth Webber is one happy lady. The man she loves, loves her back and wants to take her on a romantic getaway. Will her high be crushed when Kate Howard is wheeled into the ER with a bullet in her? So far I'm still hearing that Liason stays together despite what went down at the wedding. There MAY be some pulling away again, but the end result SHOULD be Jason and Elizabeth. When it looks like they'll finally be able to make it work, what will they be willing to risk for love?

Wednesday and Thursday are GREAT days for Liason Fans.
Jason has his surprise and his heart in his hands. Old school Liason mentions are coming according to the RUMORS. Also, it looks like Spinelli is the biggest Liason cheerleader! My birthday is turning out to be the best day ever! Liason love on GH and a night of primetime premiers! Screw the cake, all I need is my TV!


The trip de-planed? There are RUMORS that Elizabeth is at the airport ready and waiting when Jason calls and tells her Kate has been shot.

The Camping Trip... perfect timing for Jason and Elizabeth? It MAY be as the trip Jason has planned MAY be at the same time as the camping trip. If Liason's trip is postponed due to Kate's shooting, I'm wondering if the camping trip MAY be delayed as well. We'll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Nikolas rides in for the rescue once again. Nadine has defintely found her Prince Charming. Will Nikadine take their relationship to the next level? I'm hearing Nikolas and Nadine get physical.

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Nikolas wants Lulu released from Shadybrook. He doesn't feel that Lainey is helping Lulu and feels she'd be better off at home with him. Tracy and Lucky do not agree. They want Johnny away from Lulu. Will Johnny start to think he's making his girlfriend worse?

Carly has a plan....uh oh.

Olivia's secret... MAY not stay a secret for too long. Well it may not be a secret to the fans. It looks like we'll know what Olivia's hiding. SPOILERS say Olivia tells Kate that Sonny will never learn about his son. Kate is unconscious at the time. Did Kate know all along that Sonny had a secret son?

More Secrets? What's Ric hiding? Claudia would like to know. Is it that Ric knows what ZaCrazy's planning? Is it that Anthony can walk? RUMORS say Anthony makes a mad dash for his wheelchair when he hears Trevor coming.

Lucky a pain? He'll be a pain for Johnny, that's for sure and there are RUMORS that he MAY be a pain for Jason. Sam defending Elizabeth? RUMORS say that's happening. Just what is she defending her about? There are RUMBLINGS that Elizabeth tells Lucky she is going away with Jason.


Robin proposes... does Patrick say no? No worries Scrubbies. They do get engaged. RUMORS say Robin pops the question in the locker room and not over the PA system as previously reported. Why does Patrick say no? He feels she's getting caught up in the moment of life's too short because of Kate's shooting. He wants her to want to marry him because she wants a life together, not out of a tragedy.

Matt will try the brother thing out but he's not interested in Daddy. Is there still more to why Matt Hunter decided to settle in Port Charles?

RANDOM RUMORS... Nikolas wants to buy Jax's portion of the Metro Court. Karpov comes to GH? Patrick must operate on Kate's spine. Elizabeth refuses to walk away from Jason. Lulu gets a note.