Susan's Reviews From Around the Web


We may be a little bit biased in hoping that Susan Lucci wins Dancing with the Stars so here are a few reviews from around the web.


Susan Lucci and Tony: 15/30 Susan's cha-cha received mixed reviews: DANCMSTR thought it was too careful, Bruno wanted her to be sluttier, and Carrie Ann begged her to gain some weight. The judges all agreed that Susan needs to basically play Erica Kane on the ballroom floor instead of herself. Which wouldn't be a horrible idea, especially if the network went ahead and made it official. Dancing With All My Children, coming this fall on ABC. I am so there. - EW.com

Unlike Kim’s dance-floor downfall, there’s just no pleasure in seeing Susan Lucci fail. The tiny (really, she’s like her own mini-me) daytime diva tried to channel Erica Kane, but stumbled and trembled her way through a tough cha-cha with Tony Dovolani. The judges found the routine too careful, but luckily for Susan, she should have plenty of time to improve. Erica Kane has one heck of a fan base. - MSNBC

Susan Lucci: More than one Daytime Emmy isn't the only thing beyond the soap star's grasp. Freakishly toned, yes, but the 62-year-old Lucci is going to have to lose the heavy-handed (or footed, in this case) approach if she wants to make it out of week two. This lady's got a lot of fans, so we think they're going to let her slide tomorrow and Wednesday. And Tony Dovolani is going to have to come up with some innovative choreography, if he dares. Judges Said: 15; meaning Cloris Leachman outdanced her. - E! Online