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DC Exclusive: Chandra West on playing A 90210 Type-a-Ho

Whether she's breaking the hearts of plucky Web TV heroines on You Tube's
Imaginary Bitches or causing even more angst for teen queen Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) on the post-Kurt Cobain version of 90210, Chandra West is making waves on our favorite soaps. I recently talked with West for Daytime Confidential. The actress shares what it's like appearing on two of the most buzzed about shows this season. We find out if her aborted same-sex match up with Eden Riegel will be revisited on the next season of IB and talk about what things have been like on the set of 90210. Have Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty really been behaving themselves? And you'll never guess which daytime soap opera West just can't get enough of.


Daytime Confidential: You're quite the busy actress these days, appearing on Imaginary Bitches and on 90210—the most talked about network show of the new season—how does it feel to be a part of projects that are generating so much buzz?

Chandra West: It's good, we'll definitely see where it all goes. It's been fun to be a part of both shows.

DC: Your character (Chandra) broke our Eden's heart on the two-part season ender of Imaginary Bitches. How could you do that to such a sweetheart?

CW:{laughs} I'm sorry!

DC: How did your role on Imaginary Bitches come about?

CW: Andrew [Miller, creator of Imaginary Bitches] and I have known each other since I was 19. We're both from Canada and actually met at a Halloween party after my first acting job.

DC: What job was that?

CW: It was this movie called True Confections. I played Carol.

DC: We've already established that things didn't end well for you and Eden (Chandra's character hooked up with Eden's nemesis Jessalyn instead of Eden on Imaginary Bitches), but will you be back for Season Two?

CW: I think so, I don't know. It's possible Eden and I can rekindle things!

DC: You had smoking hot chemistry with both Eden and Jessalyn. Is this the first time you've played gay?

CW: [Laughs] It was a first actually!

DC: Let's talk 90210, will your character be interacting more with the kids or the adults? [This interview was conducted before West's character premiered.]

CW: So far it's been with AnnaLynne McCord who plays Naomi. My character, Gail, is a boutique owner who is sleeping with Naomi's father.

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DC: Uh, oh, drama!

CW: Oh yeah!

DC: How many episodes will you appear in?

CW: I'm not sure, right now I've taped one and I am definitely back for at least one more.

DC: So have you had any contact with Shannen [Doherty] or Jennie [Garth]?

CW: I haven't. You know, there was the whole "will there be a fight" drama, but from what I can see everyone's working together just fine. I do think all the interest helped the show though.

DC: You  worked with Mark Paul Gosselaar on NYPD Blue. His new show Raising The Bar is also creating a lot of buzz.

CW: I saw that! I'm happy for Mark.

DC: Andrew tells me you're a big fan of The Young and the Restless.

CW: I am, I am. I have been watching it on and off since I was five. I Tivo it.

DC: Who's your favorite couple?

CW: Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Nick (Joshua Morrow). It's pretty hard not to like them. They have amazing chemistry.

DC: Have you met Liz Hendrickson (Chloe, Y&R; Lizzie, IB) or Greg Rikaart (Kevin, Y&R; Mark, IB) through Andrew and Eden?

CW: I have met Lizzie. I think she's great. Greg also.

DC: So are you Team Chloe or Team Lily [Christel Khalil]?

CW: You know it's funny! I see Lily and Cane [Daniel Goddard] as the next big supercouple, but then Chloe comes in and throws a wrench and it's interesting, but I gotta say I'm still Team Lily!

90210 airs Tuesday nights at 7pm C/8 ET on The CW. Check out the entire first season of Imaginary Bitches at You Tube.