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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.24.08


Trouble in paradise...already? Yesterday I told you Nikolas and Nadine will be taking their relationship to the next level. Today the word on the street is that Nikadine MAY have a little trouble coming their way. Nikolas has insert foot syndrome and tells Nadine she reminds him of Emily. While he considers it a compliment, we ladies know better. Nadine will see herself as nothing but a place holder for the real thing. There should be a little distance put between Nikadine and don't forget, Claudia is right around the corner.

Claudia has sexual tension with Nikolas but does she have more heat with Ric?
The mafia princess is drawn to power and Ric is gaining more and more as the days go by. Ric MAY find himself being asked to do more for the Zacchara organization. How long until Ric is back to his immoral ways? So who will Claudia be paired with? The RUMORED romp with Nikolas is still out there. Look for a triangle between Nadine-Nikolas-Claudia with Ric right on the edge.

Big Pussy is coming to town...Vincent Pastore checks into General Hospital as Max and Milo's Dad. Be sure to check out the pics! SPOILERS say that Poppa Giambatti is the one who sees Jason and Elizabeth in a lip lock.

Olivia's Secret... is Kate spilling it? RUMORS say that Kate tells Patrick of all people what her cousin is hiding. It's actually not that crazy that Patrick learns the news and it MAY not be a clear cut declaration. Kate says something to Dr. Drake as she is being wheeled in to surgery.

I dropped some sexay times in the comments yesterday. LuSam Fans... table and honey? Liason Fans... paint and the floor.

More Wedding Stuff... Kate already feels her wedding is cursed thanks to the blood on her dress. I would have considered it cursed when I found out my fiance cheated on me with his ex but hey, that's just me. Are more "bad omens" headed Kate's way?

Jax protects Carly ... but will it lead to a reunion for CarJax? Nope. He'll put himself between Carly and the bullets and move her and Morgan into the MetroCourt for their safety. The couple are SPOILED to even share a kiss. Jax says its all too late.

I mentioned yesterday that Spinelli is Liason's biggest cheerleader.
Today SHOULD kick off Jason's planning and Spinelli's assistance. It looks like the Jackal has his Master thinking hard about the Maternal One. Will he even get Jason to pick Elizabeth over the business? RUMORS say Jason stays on the love track when Diane tries to derail it with business talk.

Jason uses Kate as an example. He's already told Elizabeth he wouldn't be able to handle it if anything ever happened to her. When Kate is shot right in front of him, Jason can't deal with the possibility of that ever being Elizabeth. He'll bring her to Kate's room and tell her this is what happens to people that get close to him. Elizabeth isn't hearing it and tells him she's not walking away. Sonny and Olivia MAY be upset that Jason is using Kate as a way to get through to his girlfriend.

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Tracy has some words for Johnny. When she goes to Shadybrook and sees that her step-daughter is missing, Tracy is not pleased. She'll see the couple kissing upon their return and ask Johnny if he wants Lulu to end up like Laura.

Jax and Johnny argue? Weird right? Well it looks like Jax has had enough of the mobsters in town.

Camping trip offscreen? It looks like that's what will be happening. Sam and Lucky go to Elizabeth's to pick the boys up. That SHOULD be happening Monday. Don't forget, Sam sticks up for Elizabeth. Lucky will see her packed bags and ask her where she is going. Elizabeth tells him the truth and Lucky says she shouldn't be going anywhere with Jason. More stuff for LuSam coming up? The "I love you's" are still coming and from what I can gather, they'll have a part in Sweeps. Also, it appears that Lucky outs them as being back together.

Karpov has a new target...
Alexis. Isn't he SUPPOSED to be deported?

RUMOR ALERT... get your salt shakers out. Another secret son? We have Sonny's coming courtesy of Olivia. This son is already on canvas and most GH Fans have been predicting this one. The big question??? Is this the storyline that got Rick Hearst to re-sign with the show? There are RUMBLINGS popping up again that Johnny will be revealed as Trevor's son. With Ric becoming Anthony's right hand man, will he be the one ZaCrazy turns to? More info about Rick Hearst: his decision to re-sign with the show was about storyline direction for his character. Pay attention to Ric around the wedding, we may get some sort of idea as to where it's all heading.


RANDOM RUMORS... Someone goes missing. Sam's in trouble. Alexis catches Jerm (that's Jerry and Sam's very appropriate squish name). Robin gets fake meds. Jerry hates Sam... really hates her.