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Days of Our Lives: Random Thoughts

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I just watched Tuesday's episode (09.23.08) and thought I'd share some random thoughts...


Hope: the look on her face was priceless after Mayor Marino announced her name as the next Police Commissioner!  Before that, I really enjoyed her and Lexie's gal pal time at the Brady Pub.  We need more gal pal time.

Allie and Johnny: What the fudge were these two babies doing alone with Stefano?  When did Sami even get Allie back?  I thought Lucas was granted "extra" time with the little girl after Sami broke the custody arrangement?  It makes you wonder, doesn't it, why Sami can be so indignant about Allie spending time with Chloe, and yet in this episode we see Grandfather Stefano reading the two a story, no Sami or EJ in sight!

Nick: I need to make an apology to Nick - I've hardly given him thought as one of the possible Pimp Daddy Trent murder suspects.  But after seeing him go head to head with his old mentor, I can see that I've done him little justice.  More Blake Berris please Days.

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Jawn: Did anyone else notice Stefano mentioning Jawn's roots as an Alamain?  You know what it means when people start mentioning off-screen characters or families don't you... could we dare to hope???  I couldn't help but laugh though, when Stefano said to Jawn:

"You know what pleases me?  That you like your new self better, eh?  As do I.  Makes you much more interesting". I think most people would agree with Stefano on that one.

Marlena: Can you please stop talking about divorcing Jawn and just do it already?  We all know that the sooner you do that, the sooner you guys can get remarried for the... well, I've lost count how many times J&M have been married now!!  It was nice to see her and Anna having some bonding gal pal time like Hope and Lexie.


Well that's it for now - let me know what you thought of this episode!