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The Young and the Restless: Spankin' Spoilers (Update)

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Fall has finally arrived, but the temperature just got a little hotter on The Young and the Restless.


Colleen: Miss Carlton gets a job offer that's hard to pass up.

Billy: Its his turn to grill Chloe on her baby's paternity.

Neil/Victoria: The Newman execs flip the script on Adam.

Heather: She decides on dancing another round with Victor. The D.A. becomes hell bent on figuring out what went down in Mexico.

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Nikki: She does a role reversal of sorts when she flips out on Victor (about damn time!).

Nick/Phyllis: The happy couple have a nasty argument.

Sharon: She and Nick team up to help their son Noah.

Spumors to chew on

Katherine: Insiders are telling me that Y&R's getting ready to have Jeanne Cooper's (Kay) 80th birthday celebrated in a big way on camera. Word is that she'll start to play Marge Catrooke, Kay's double from 89-90. Fans may recall she was the bad girl to Kay's good girl and that's saying something since Kay can buck with the best of 'em!

Adam: Seems he also has his father's temper. Rumor has it from our own Melodie that Adam/Victor II stars to get the Ike Turner bug and uses it on Heather.