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Days of Our Lives: Double Random Thoughts

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Random Thoughts - Wednesday 09.24.08

Bope: awwww how cute are these two?  "I'd be your boss" wink wink, nudge nudge.... love it!  I really loved how Hope reasoned that she didn't want the Commissioner's job because she wanted to spend more time with Ciara because of what happened to Zack.  I think it's really great he's remembered in this way, or even just mentioned at all.


Stefano: "The Pawn was made for sacrifice"... Does it strike anyone else that no matter how many times Stefano rewires John's brain, John somehow ends up hating Stefano regardless?  I'm intrigued that Stefano's end-game now just revolves around making Marlena pay/suffer, but I wish he'd hurry up with it.

Nicole: Someone please explain to me why Nicole hasn't divorced Trent yet.

Anna: Onscreen two days in a row?  Joy!


Trent: SLEAZEBALL.  Yes, I already knew this, but they're really playing this up now, aren't they?  I kinda wish they hadn't made him pimp out his daughter (that has not made me more sympathetic to the Melanie character), but still made him a villain somehow.  Salem has room for two villains, surely?  Best line: "Oooh Max-y, I'm shaking in my boots" after Max threatens him again. Did anyone else notice Darin Brooks (Max) trying not to laugh after Roscoe Born (Trent) said this line with the accompanying "Oooh" face??  LOL

The disk:  Seriously, that disk needs to die with Marlena there to witness it, so she can stop going on about it.

Random Thoughts: Thursday 09.25.08

Nick and Chelsea: Put these two back together STAT.  Those first few scenes of them reminded me of what a great couple they are.  I'm with Chelsea - what the heck does Nick see in Melanie?

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Lucas: Ok, so I get that he's being the protective parent and all, but does he have to sound like a douche when he yells at Chloe?  Erm, and why did he leave Chloe at home babysitting in the first place?  If you've just been awarded joint custody of your child, who you hardly know or spent time with because you were in jail, would you go out and leave her with someone she barely knows?  Let's face it, the poor kid hardly knows Chloe either.  Now here's the other thing... isn't it funny how Allie is suddenly back at the Horton cabin?  Um... Houston? We have a problem... a continuity of a storyline problem!!!  Or did I forget to go in my Salem time travel machine again... d'oh!


Nicole: I'm loathe to mention her since she's on my screen everyday as it is, but WHY is this Nicole being so helpless and dependent on a man - nay, ANY man for help?  What happened to the kick-butt girl who schemed and plotted to make things go her way?  You give me that Nicole, and I'll watch her until the cows come home.


Chloe:  Please stop buttering up Nicole with your comments about how great a Mom she "would" be.  You're not convincing anyone.  Least of all me. 

Trent/Max/Melanie: Meh.  Kill him already, I'm now officially over this Max v Trent crap.  Ship Melanie back off to France (sorry Melanie fans).


Salem PD: Bo is now being recommended as Police Commissioner?  On what planet?  He just finished being investigated by Internal Affairs for withholding evidence (I'm on Denial Island about anything related to the Paul Hollingsworth storyline - UGH) and now he's going to be the boss?  Don't get me wrong, I love Bo, but I'd rather have seen Hope get the job and watch him call her Commissioner Fancy Face LOL!

Final Thoughts: I really hate how Days is making me so negative right now.  Even though it was just an Olympic programming filler storyline, I'm really missing the energy and must-see quality the show had when Stefano returned and caused the hallucinogenic hospital lock down (y'all thought I was going to say Film Noir Fantasy, didn't you?? HA!).  Oh, how fast things change!  Anyway, as always, leave me a comment with your thoughts and opinions on these episodes, or about Days in general.