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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason and Liz are happy and going away together, after the wedding. Well, clearly that’s an anvil that the wedding won’t take place therefore, they won’t.

All of Kate’s little "sky is falling" problems have resolved themselves before the wedding. Well, clearly that’s another anvil that the wedding won’t take place.

Anthony shows up to try to make peace with Sonny. Anvil number three. Gee, without spoiling for the spoiler free, who wants to take bets that the wedding won’t happen?

Speaking of Anthony, he gets the psychic of the day award. How did he know Sonny would be at the church at that moment to go and talk to him?

The WTH Award goes to Nikolas. He wants to buy the hotel because he can see it from his front porch? Did I hear that correctly?

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The stupid award goes to Nadine. Love the girl, but stowing away on one of Karpov’s boats? Really?

The cute award goes to Nikadine at the hospital. Loved that she was all “what do prince’s do anyway?” and he was all, “I work”.

The hotter than hot award goes to ClauRic, who had more chemistry in that one scene, walking around, drink in hand, talking, flirting, than Liason have had in two years combined (sorry Liason fans!!)

The petulant award of the day goes to Lulu. Good lord girl, stop frakin’ whining. The only thing she didn’t do was stomp her feet like a two year old.

I totally wanted to see Carly’s head explode when she found the truth about Kate, but instead she just seemed thrilled that Sonny knew Connie from the block.

I liked Kate and Olivia together and I loved that Olivia kept calling her Connie and Kate kept correcting her in that annoyed, icy tone. I want Olivia to stick around, just so she can annoy Kate on a daily basis.