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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I loved today. Yes, it was all Skate and I don’t like Sonny, but it was a wedding and it was pure soapy soapyness so I put aside my likes and dislikes and went with the flow.  (I also put aside the memory that Claudia was attending the wedding of the father of the child she put into a coma, and that Johnny was attending the wedding of the guy who kidnapped him, but whatever!!)

Loved everything Kate/Olivia. I thought both actresses nailed it out of the park. Olivia’s anger that Connie has moved on. Kate’s anger that Olivia doesn’t understand why she moved on. The anger about the necklace, and Olivia not understanding picking the dress over the family, right down to Olivia declaring she’d wear it. All the arguing back and forth, right down to the opening of the door so everyone in church could hear it. And then, despite the all the yelling, Olivia still stood up for her, and didn’t walk out in anger and frustration. (I did NOT like that longing look Olivia was tossing Sonny’s way when she got to the end of the aisle though)

Loved Carly, Alexis and Maxie’s dresses. Wasn’t crazy about Diane’s. I loved that Diane had to stop and ooooh Carly’s dress before reprimanding Jason about bringing Carly. That was so girly of her!!

I liked the style of Olivia’s dress, but I felt it was too pale. A darker color would have suited her better.

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Did not like Kate’s dress. Not sure what it was, but it didn’t grab me. And I wondered why she didn’t have someone like Warren, who was supposedly a very good friend of hers, walk her down the aisle. I never like seeing women walk down the aisle by themselves. It just seems so sad and lonely somehow.

Also didn’t like Lulu or Claudia’s dresses. Claudia’s might have been better if it didn’t have those feather things at the hem.

Loved the Sonny/Jason scene at the house at the beginning. Loved the Sonny/Robin scene and it was good to hear that she had a decent excuse for not attending. Loved the Sonny/Mike scene. It was well done and rather sweet.

Excellent soapyness……until the bullet rang out.