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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.26.08


Night Shift News: How cool is this! According to SOAPnet, In the October 14 episode, you'll notice something so exciting, it has inspired us to set alarms so we don't miss it: Instead of the regular "Night Shift" opening theme, the show will use the 1980s title sequence from "General Hospital."

Wedding Day! Today's the day and it continues into Monday.

Pickle in the middle? Ric is caught in the middle of a brewing mob war between Sonny and Anthony. What about Anthony making it look like Karpov pulled the trigger?

Lulu and Johnny break up. I can't remember where I dropped it yesterday, it may have been in the comment, birthday blur. Johnny thinks ending things with Lulu is what's best for her. Lulu is heartbroken and done with love. A RUMOR hit a few days back that Lulu would be the one to first meet Sonny's bad boy son Dante. It didn't make sense until the break up SPOILERS popped up.

Luke's back!
Tracy fills him in on what he's missed while globe trotting. It'll be Scotty vs. Luke once again. TPTB have been teasing a HUGE TWIST in Laura's story.

Uncle Mac makes another arrest! Yep, it looks like Mac is arresting Patrick once again when Patrick turns down Robin's proposal. He wants them to work it out and RUMORS say they set a wedding date. The LATEST? Scrubs will have a winter wedding.


Olivia promises to keep the secret. Patrick learns the secret and doesn't know what to do with the news. The LATEST, Olivia's secret is out by next friday. EARLY RUMORS said the audience would know what the secret is.

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Guza says it's something never seen before on Daytime TV and the big event MAY not actually happen until the end of Sweeps. The EARLY REPORTS were of a funeral and then going back in time to tell the story leading up to it.

Check the comments... here's what you may have missed:

Re: Night Shift... its not flashbacks. They're all coming!

Edited to thing I didn't consider though was that Tiff, Sean and Luke could be in his head while he's in the coma. The actors are all filming however, so it SHOULD be new scenes and not flashbacks.

Anthony sets a trap, for Sonny. We all know Sonny thinks after he acts so I'm betting he walks right into ZaCrazy's trap.

Are we going to hear Sonny's favorite word again?

What's Kate's shooting SUPPOSED to do? Bring Sonny back into the mob. Who really is the intended target? RUMORS say Anthony is impressed with his marksmenship.


MORE WEDDING DAY MASSACRE SCOOP! Kate is shot at the altar. They learn the bullet is lodged near her spine and could cause paralysis if she makes it at all. Sonny is adamant that Karpov pay even though it's Anthony holding the gun. Ric will see him with the weapon and his immoral ways begin again. So Sonny wants Jason to take action but Jason feels it was a hit on Kate and not the organization. This is where Sonny will question Jason's loyalty and ask him if it was Elizabeth, would he be acting this way. Kate makes it out of surgery and Patrcik tells them she's not "out of the woods" yet. Will Patrick also tell them what Kate shared with him before she went under?

Miracle Baby? RUMORS have just hit that Sam MAY find herself in the family way, bad uterus be damned. Congrats to LuSam fans, you just MAY get a bambino, but I for one am sick of the miracle pregnancies.

BUT FIRST... Alexis catches her daughter and her man in a compromising position. Alexis dumps Jerry. Sam feels bad. Jerry hates Sam.