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Glory, Hallelujah High School Assembly

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Daytime ConfidentialPodcast regular, Belinda, has a new The View From The Recliner's Edge column up at Eye On Soaps. Check out the excerpt below and then read the rest of her column at Eye on Soaps.


I expected someone at that assembly at high school to jump up and start singing “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah. Of all the things I expected might have happened, Starr giving an After School Special type speech about safe sex was NOT one of them. I actually was embarrassed for Cole. She’s up there acting like leprosy has rotted her face off and it’s all because she had unprotected sex with him! Good thing he is still hung up on her, because he will not be getting any from any of the girls at that school again anytime soon. It was nervy of Starr, I get that and sure I admire her guts (blah, blah, blah) but that was just awkward and weird and that principal leaving the assembled students to “get to know each other” while she reamed out the brawlers: Laughable.

Be sure to check out Belinda's column.

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