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Michael's Got a Bullet in His Head, Let's Get WED!

And the bride wore bullet-proof couture. Ah it's so nice to see everyone in Port Wild West all gussied up for Sonny and Kate's massacre, I mean wedding. Carly grinning and plotting with Claudia—who unbeknownst to Caroline is the reason her eldest boy is on perma-drool—Sonny making nice with Johnny, who he held in a room and smacked around all S&M-style for weeks. But the best, oh the BEST has to be those K-RAZY Falconeri cousins going head up in the dressing room!  All they needed was Cher, the rock singer, not the loveable matchmaker from Clueless, to smack them across their  faces and yell "Snap out of it!" And how elegant was hearing the beautiful "Ave Maria" just before shots rang out? Oh Guza you romantic DEVIL you!

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