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Sonny Takes A Bride...But Is It Kate?

Check out the Suds Report for lots of scoop that only Nelson can bring you! But this Spoiler Guru must put her two cents in on one juicy item dropped today by Mr. Branco.

"Calling all soap sleuths: The Suds Report has learned one whopper of a plot twist involving Sonny. The poor man’s mobster will take a bride very soon — and it’s not who you think. The bride is listed among these options: Olivia, Claudia, Carly, Jason, and Diane. "


The Spoiler Freak that I am, I must go back over all my Spoiler notes and something just hit me square in the face.  Think OLD RUMORS and you MAY figure out where my vote is going.

Let's think my little Spoilerholics...who could Sonny be marrying if it's not Kate?

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