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This Week's SOAPnet Sneak Peeks!


On General Hospital:

All this plus Robin (Kimberly McCullough) throws everyone (and us) for a loop with a surprising move, Carly (Laura Wright) may get a new business partner, Tracy (Jane Elliot) kicks some butt, and someone drives a boat into a freighter. Get a map!

BIG TWIST coming up for Sonny!

On One Life to Live:

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Out in the land of the fully conscious, Gigi (Farah Fath) finally tells Shane that Rex is his daddy! Shane, predictably, is shocked and not exactly thrilled. Brody was the be-all and end-all to the little guy. Now he's stuck in a jail cell for shooting Rex. Gigi's got bigger problems though. She wants to see Rex and possibly be his lifeline (literally and figuratively -- remember, he's on the "Millionaire" set) but there's one little problem. Adriana (Melissa Fumero)! Yep, she's baaaaaack. Gigi's really not having a good week, huh?

Nora gets a houseguest?

On All My Children:

Taylor is still gung-ho about getting back into Iraq, but she's got to prove she's not suffering from PTSD (which she so totally is). So she makes kind of a desperate attempt to cover her frayed nerves (and she doesn't drink tea. Don't you love for Myrtle's always telling Erica to "drink some tea to soothe your nerves"? If only, Myrt). Anyway, this all leads to some major developments with Jake. Specifically, a kiss.

Who's spying on the Chandlers? Opal's ESP kicks into high gear!

Be sure to check out SOAPnet on Monday as Super Soap Weekend attendees will be announced.