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"Who's a Girl Gotta Sleep With To Get Her Aunt Outta Jail?"

How many times have you had to ask that question following a family reunion where Aunt Fanny had a little too much Crown and Coke? Oh don't pretend like it hasn't happened to you!


Even as schizophrenic as One Life to Live is these days—Clint going all J.R. Ewing and going after Dorian's foster kid; Todd and Marty's rape-mance—you can always count on the Cramer girls to have each others back. Blair and Dorian proved today as once again  that they will go to any lengths to protect their loved ones when Dorian got herself tossed in jail for going upside the judge's head about Langston and Blair promptly offered one of Llanview's finest some of her "goodies" to get Auntie Dearest sprung. Now that's what I call family values!

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