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All My Children Spoilers

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Hey everyone, hope your having a great weekend! Let's see what's up with the residences of Pine Valley.

Jesse:  The past is coming upon Chief Hubbard and things begin to come out.  Rumor has it that he had a child while on the run and possibly the mother passed.  A name being thrown out there is Natalia.  Could this be the name of the child calling on the phone or someone else? 

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Opal/Babe:  Opal passes out when she reads her cards!  She warns Babe the future is very bleak for her and JR.  Opal also warns her best gal pal and Krystal to look out for a dark cloud that is upon them.  Can you say Adam Chandler?

Annie:  What's the name of the award that a movie star does not want? A Razzie? Well Annie should get hers this week when she pretends to be attacked. She gets locked inside the Chandler tunnels.   Adam and Babe are not buying it one minute.  Ryan decides he definitely divorcing Annie and sues for custody of Emma.  Annie takes drastic measures and requests that Zach and Kendall take care of Emma for awhile.  

Ryan/Greenlee/Aidan:   Greenlee tries her darndest to stay away from Ryan and be married.  What's one more for the road, she again listens to Ryan's woes.  Apparently this man has no other friends.  Aidan tells Greenlee either your married to me or your with Ryan.  What's a husband to do? Marriage counseling? No! He spies on his wife by planting a listening device on her!   This couple is doomed and I mean that. So for you fans of theirs out there, sorry you will not be seeing Greens and Aidan much longer.  Ryan and Greenlee realize they can't fight their feelings.  Someone please wake me up when it's over.

Taylor/Jake/Amanda:  Taylor begins therapy with a prescribed sedative thanks to Frankie.  Jake kisses Taylor.  Amanda turns on her seducing machine so Jake can stop thinking about Taylor.

Miscellaneous:  Adam and Erica flirt.  Randi and Frankie become roomies.  Pete figures out what Erica is up to.  Babe begins to realize her perfume has been tainted.