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Days of Our Lives: Friday's Random Thoughts

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Friday's Episode 09.26.08

Mickey and Maggie: Wow!  Both of them in the one episode and it's not in a supporting role?  Is it too much to hope that these two are getting a storyline that doesn't involve propping another character??  ...Brooke gets further into the episode... Oh, yes it was too much to hope.  Why do they have to be used as a community service announcement for turning your business "Green".  Sorry, not trying to be environmentally unfriendly, but this is a waste of talent.  

The Who Dunnit Set Up:
  so this episode was all about showing who might have offed Trent.  The contenders - Max, Melanie, Nicole and... Caroline?  That heavy breathing was freaking me out until it turned out to be Trent with a knife sticking out of chest.  Why oh why did Caroline have to pull that knife out of Trent's back?? You'd think the mother of a family of cop's would know better!


Chelsea/Kate/Daniel: Why are they making Chelsea back into a spoilt brat now?  I can understand that she has trust issues, but she's almost wilfully getting the wrong idea about Grandmaw and Daniel.  Does anyone else talk about sex with their Grandmaw, just out of interest?  Kate shouldn't be so forgiving, the way Chelsea has been acting, she doesn't deserve it (did that just come out of my mouth?  Generally speaking, I am not a Kate fan, but I do like the actor).  Thank you writers, for having Kate acknowledge the Billie and Nick incident.


Bo/Hope/Kayla/Steve: Oh, how nice to see them out for dinner and eating food.  Who else thinks, if Bo does become Police Commissioner, that he will be able to follow the rules to the letter of the law?  Yeah right!  That's not the Bo Brady we all know and love!!  Keep him as a Detective and convince Hope to re-consider.

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Nicole and EJ:  My initial reaction is, "Nicole, you are so NOT a victim," but later, I kinda like the fact that Nicole is scheming to keep her settlement.  But really, I'm just hoping she tries this out on Victor and he laughs at her again.  By the way, a crappy marriage does not entitle someone to $10 million.  Suck it up like the rest of us!

Nick and Melanie:  I'm going to try and be positive... *crickets*... Ok, here it is, if having Melanie around means more Nick, then I'll support it (grudgingly) - I want me more Nick!


Max and Stephanie: I know how much you all loooove this pairing, so watching the two of them in bed the entire episode must have been fun. 

Stay tuned for more Random Thoughts next week!