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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Just when you thought you couldn’t watch anymore Nicole… there’s more!   That’s right, spoilers have Mrs Robbins onscreen just about every day this week – except maybe Tuesday. If you’re a Nicole fan, you’ll be in heaven.   What else is in store?  Some old flirtations revisited, the temptation to break the rules and the Salem PD goes on a bear… I mean, Trent hunt (for his killer).  Intrigued?  Read on for this week’s Days of Our Lives Preview from Denial Island (September 29 – October 3).


It was Caroline, in the Graveyard, with the knife. Did Caroline kill Trent?   The Salem PD have no choice but to suspect her, after they found her next to Trent’s body with a bloody knife in her hands.  Poor Bo does the honors, arresting his Mom for murder and then taking her to jail.   But he believes she’s innocent (don’t we all?) and later discusses the case and likely suspects with Roman and Steve (when did he become part of the Salem PD?).

Luckily for them Salem’s CSI unit detect fibers the real killer has left behind (oooh).  Of course no one wants to see Caroline in jail (who’ll make chowder at the Pub?), and Victor steps in to provide his support, while Bo considers breaking the rules to get Caroline out of jail (yeah… that didn’t take long, did it?).

News of Trent’s untimely demise spreads quickly through Salem.   Well nothing in Salem is ever secret for long.  Like the trusting souls they are, both Max and Melanie suspect each other is the killer.  I guess that rules the two of them out.  In an odd move, spoilers say that Melanie asks Victor for help in finding Trent’s killer – but hang on, when did they even get introduced?  Later, Kayla plays another supporting role and counsels her brother not to give up on Melanie.

Nicole discovers she’s pregnant.  Nicole succumbs to the nausea and goes to the hospital for some tests.  Dr McHottie Jonas tells her it’s a miracle; her previously barren status is null and void - she's pregnant (it’s EJ’s super sperm lol)!  Nicole gets all excited and makes plans to tell EJ over dinner.  I'll go out on a limb here and guess that Nicole reasons that sharing a child with EJ means she now has an everlasting connection with him, just like Sami.  Before she spills the beans to the unsuspecting father though, Nicole confides her pregnancy news to Jawn.  Why?  Because it seems that Jawn is fast becoming Salem’s newest Agony Aunt (I’m just saying).

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Sami discovers she's pregnant too.  At DiMansion, Sami takes the news of Grandma Caroline’s arrest pretty badly and ends up fainting.  She gets taken to hospital by ex-husband Lucas, who seems pretty worried about her.  While they wait for the test results, the two share some bonding moments.  Of course the tests reveal that she is also expecting, which puts a dampener on that little party.  The reality of the baby’s father is quickly pointed out by Lucas, who remembers what we all know: that he has not slept with her since he walked in on her night of passion with EJ.

What is EJ’s reaction?  Well, Nicole attempts to tell him, but he runs off to the hospital to see how Sami is before she gets her chance.  When EJ reaches Sami at the hospital, Sami keeps the news to herself, unsure what this means for the two of them, and her life in general.  In true Sami fashion she picks a fight with EJ instead.  I'm looking forward to seeing this, so please soap gods, make it good.

Kate also has a decision to make.  She and Dr McHottie discuss the possibility that her shadow on her x-ray is lung cancer, but methinks a biopsy is really the best way to determine that.  Luckily they agree, and one is ordered.  Daniel vows to help Kate through the test, which is sure to go down well with ex-girlfriend Chelsea.

A flirtation revisited?  It seems Philip wants to be able to eat his cake too.  This week, despite telling Lucas he wasn’t interested in Chloe anymore, the two end up flirting in the Brady Pub… this later develops into some lip-action and guess who chooses that moment to return home to Salem?  You guessed it, Morgan.  Faster than you can say ‘ma farthar’ Morgan dumps Philip and leaves Salem for good.

Look Out For:

Doug and Julie to make an appearance on Monday’s episode

Kayla to be named the new Chief of Staff of Salem University Hospital

Chelsea and Theo to resume therapy sessions (awww)

Abe to consider running for Mayor of Salem

Not Mentioned In Spoilers:

Marlena or Stefano – doesn’t mean they wont show up though

Next Week’s Sneak Peak:

HA!  Stay tuned for a Rumors and Spoilers update, coming your way soon...