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Taylor Giving Up Jack

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Most parents are usually able to get over parenting obstacles by trying everything in the book, not throw in the towel. That's just what The Bold and the Beautiful's,  Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) did when she decided to give up her parental rights to her son Jack just because of her inability to bond with the baby. This being B&B, it's no surprise then that everyone else involved is chalking up Taylor's decision to her inability to get over the fact that Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) is the baby's biological mother.


As a doctor, Taylor should know it will take time. Instead she's scratching her head, washing her hands and walking around with worry. What gets me is the fact that she allowed Rick (Kyle Lowder) to back her into a corner and just give up on Jack, just because he wasn't dancing in his little high chair whenever she came into the room. No kid is perfect. If they were, we'd all be smiling from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat. What boggles my mind is that her solution was "He loves to play with Brooke and lights up when she comes around so I'm going to give him up since he spits his carrots on me!"

No parent should give their child up just because they don't bubble with glee whenever the parent is in the room. Parents should tough it out and try to find a answer to the difficulty at hand.

Did Taylor make the right choice giving up Jack to Brooke and Nick?

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