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A Formal Complaint

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Is there somewhere a fan can register a formal complaint because I'd like to make one, specifically with All My Children?


A few years back an unknown by the name of James Scott debuted on All My Children as Ethan Cambias. Two years later Ethan had been written into a corner and killed off. Fortunately, he quickly found a home on Days of Our Lives as EJ Wells DiMera and is now one third of the show's hottest triangle.

In 2004 Jeff Branson debuted as Jonathan Lavery and proved he had acting chops, holding his own amid a controversial storyline. But like James Scott's Ethan, Jonathan was written into a corner and then phased out of the show on the quite. Branson is now set to appear on Guiding Light as Shayne Lewis. Granted, we have yet to see how the role of Shayne Lewis fits with Branson but to be sure a lot of All My Children fans will be watching, either on TV or through YouTube highlights.

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In 2007 All My Children discovered Billy Miller, who debuted as Richie Novak. One of daytime's greatest finds of the past five years, Miller's character was killed off within a year. Miller just debuted as Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless last week and it's safe to say that anyone who has seen him in the role knows that this is going to be his "break out" role. On today's episode (September 29, 2008) when Billy Abbott reunited with his siblings all I could say was awesome.

So why is it that the young actors All My Children discovers are ending up as highly popular characters like EJ DiMera, receiving kudos as Billy Abbott or are anticipated as Shayne Lewis? I do not have the answer but I really wish someone did.

As much as I wish each of these three actors the best of success, it is bittersweet to know that had All My Children not written them out they may be still be shaking up Pine Valley.