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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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My first thought was that whoever the shooter was, Jason and Sonny should hire him, since neither of them can hit the broad side of a barn, but this guy manages to nail Kate right in the abdomen, a mile away, from behind. That’s talent right there!

I guess this is why Robin was conveniently not at the wedding. They wanted Carly to get in there with all her vast medical expertise.

Color me shocked that they revealed right away that Antony was the shooter. And I’m pretty sure he wanted to get caught. He had plenty of time to get home and put the gun away while Ric was being detained for questioning, yet he’s still putting stuff away when Ric gets home.

Also, I get that AZ would think that everyone wouldn’t think of him since he’s wheelchair bound, but I find it hard to believe that he’d do his own dirty work.

What information does Jason think Spinelli’s going to get from the bullet? It already has Cody, Jason and Spin’s fingerprints on it. The best Spin’s going to come up with is make and model which won’t tell anybody anything.

Harper’s a hottie, but I hate that he’s an idiot. Why question Jason? Clearly he didn’t shoot Sonny’s bride, so maybe spend less time jonesing over the holy hitman and more time actually investigating the crime.

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Diane gets the funny line of the day:

Diane to Harper and Scotty: “What is this? Bad cop, stupid cop?”

I loved that Monica gave Sonny his yearly smackdown.

Nice little Lucky/Sam/Liz/kids scene, and I loved the way RH is with those kids.

Poor Liz. Although, as soon as Jason was late, she should have turned on the closest tv/radio to find out if anyone had been shot lately.

Still liking Olivia. She was clearly disgusted with Sonny, once they got to the hospital so I’m hoping that thought will continue for her.

Line of the day:

Olivia to Sonny: “I’d like to sit with Connie, and at this point, I’m more family than you.”