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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 09.30.08


It's the last day of September, my birthday month coming to a close so let's end it with a little Liason. Kate's been shot, obviously the trip to Italy is off...where will the angst filled couple go from here? As I've mentioned, Jason uses a visual aid, Kate in her hospital bed, to try to get through to Elizabeth. She walks out of the room and he thinks she's finally got the message loud and clear. Boy oh boy are boys dumb! Elizabeth pops up at Jason's office and informs him otherwise. She's here to stay. The paint fight is coming and the injury I mentioned yesterday? Well it looks like Jason hurts his ankle or leg. Will Elizabeth nurse him back to health? More meetings coming up for my favorite pair. They'll meet at the Studio before she pops in at his office.

Anthony in the balcony with a rifle.
That was the easiest game of Clue ever! Claudia tells the fam that Karpov is innocent and she'll go to Sonny with the assurance that the Z's had nothing to do with Kate's shooting. Sure... just like you had nothing to do with the bullet in Michael's head.

Clic Kiss? SPOILERS have Claudia and Ric in an almost kiss. The heat between these two is ridiculous but what this blogger finds more ridiculous is that we'll still see a triangle between Nadine, Nikolas and Claudia. Stick with Clic I say! So what stops the kiss? Ric wonders who Claudia really wants, him or Sonny? Will Ric factor in to Sonny's Plan (see below) or will he try to ruin it?

Sonny and Jason are not playing nice. Even Carly will get worried over the increasing troubles between the former best friends. Sonny wants Karpov gunned down, Jason says no. Sonny wants the business back, Jason says no. Jason will issue Karpov a warning to appease Sonny. Is this warning issued before or after Karpov shows up at GH? Innocent or not, it's a bad idea to show up at the hospital room of a woman who's fiance believes you put her there.

We'll get to Sonny's plan in a minute... let's talk about his son. RUMORS say Kate tells Patrick the secret and while she's confessing what she's been hiding, she SHOULD reveal that Sonny's secret son is Olivia's son Dante. Why is she telling Patrick Drake? Kate thinks she's knocking on death's door and she knows that Olivia will never tell Sonny the truth.


Will Bradford Anderson tackle the dual role? RUMORS broke last week that he MAY be playing Dante, Sonny and Olivia's son. If you remember, Tom Pelphrey had been offered the part and he turned it down. According to the gossip mill, the original plan was to use Anderson and now that Pelphrey has said thanks, but no thanks, they're going back to Plan A. Many fans are not too happy about Sonny having a child with a new character who isn't even a contract role. The fans would rather see a Brenda return with Sonny's kid in tow than Olivia being the mommy. With Vanessa Marcil signing on over at Lipstick Jungle, the deal TPTB were close to closing with the fan fave fell through. Could Marcil return after her run through the Jungle? Sure but I doubt it will happen. Obviously, Brenda's return must have been put on paper as a way to entice Vanessa back to Port Chuck. Do you just shelf a story like that or will Brian Frons consider recasting the iconic role? A Vanessa return defintely gives General Hospital a ratings boost. Will a Brenda re-cast do the same?

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Sonny's Plan... is he playing into ZaCrazy's hands or is he playing the old man? Has Claudia finally found the right mobster to take down dear old dad? I mentioned yesterday that the MOC coming up SHOULD be between Claudia and Sonny. The Plan? Work the old man from the inside and take him down.

LuSam... off on the camping trip. They'll return with the boys and wait for Elizabeth to come home. When she gets there, it's just after seeing Jason.


Nikadine... hitting the sheets and Nadine takes off afterwards. Nikolas is confused and confiding in Alfred.

Speedboat meet Freighter...Johnny meet handcuffs. After ending things with Lulu, Johnny finds a bar, decides its a nice night for a speedboat ride and then crashes into a freighter.

Does Tracy know that Laura is having break throughs? RUMORS have been a rampant that she does. What happens when Luke returns and sees that his Angel is coming around? Will Tracy lose her man? RUMORS say Laura will tell Luke she's ok with him moving on as there is no way to tell if she'll ever fully recover. Could this be TPTB's way of finally giving Genie Francis the same type of deal her male counterparts are getting? Will Laura come and go as her condition improves?

Contract Stuff... we still haven't heard if Kelly Monaco has re-upped with the show. Maurice Benard's deal has not been announced. What's with the hush hush? It seems to me that both of their characters have decent storylines coming and this SPOILER guru ASSUMES that the announcement of new deals are not far away. According to RUMBLINGS, Rick Hearst signed a new deal because of the storyline presented to him. Don't forget, Ingo Rademacher is on an extension until December. What about Sarah Brown? She signed on for one year and that comes due in January. Is she staying with General Hospital? Claudia entered under some rough times. The writer's strike was given as a reason/excuse for Claudia's poor reception. Will Sarah re-sign with the show to give Claudia a fighting chance or take her leave? I for one do not envy Brian Frons. He's had quite a few heavy hitters to negotiate with.

RANDOM RUMORS... Carly and Nikolas in a close moment? Liason may still have some angst coming but I'm seeing they are a go! Is Jason the one getting faulty meds? Remember he gets injured. Genie's return will help facilitate Anthony Geary's exit. Sonny declares Jason an enemy. Trevor warns Ric to watch out for Anthony. Spinelli wants to be Maxie's prince charming.