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Random DAYS Thoughts

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Random thoughts on Monday's Days of Our Lives episode (09.29.08).

Caroline:  I have to send a special shout out to Peggy McCay.  Wow!  Didn't she have great scenes?  I felt so sorry for Caroline at the gravesite; from her look of shock, to the anxiety at being wrongly thought of as Trent's killer to the calm resignation at the Salem PD.  When Roman led her to her cell and closed the gate between them... great stuff.  I felt it.


Kate/Daniel/Nicole:  Loved Kate being a biatch to Nicole.  I've missed that.  But I have to be honest - I didn't mind Nicole as much today.  Because although she alternated between being helpless one minute to snarky the next, the snarky is what ultimately stayed with me.  If only the snarky stayed with Nicole all the time.  I especially liked these lines:

Daniel: Have you ever thought about staying sober?

Nicole: Yeah... once, but I was drunk and I wasn't thinking clearly.

and this:

Daniel: You could get a job.

Nicole: I think the shakes are coming back.

Am I ignoring the pregnancy reveal?  No, not really...  Alright, maybe just a little...

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Who Killed Trent:  So it seems that most, if not all of our suspects saw Trent and had some sort of altercation with him before he died.  Both Nick and Max let their fists to the talking, Nicole used her nails, and Melanie just pilfered her Dad's wallet.  So I guess that means that none of them are the real killer.  But I bet the fact that they all saw Trent before he died will sidetrack the Salem PD from the real killer for awhile, and of course, they do have Caroline in custody now.  Me?  I think that Claude will probably end up being the one who whacked Trent (or one of his minions).


Philip/Chloe/Lucas:  Yep.  Phloe are back and while I am grateful to Chloe for distracting Lucas for awhile, I think Chloe is better in scenes with Philip.  Can I also just say - can we get a new nightspot for the young 'uns?  I wouldn't have picked the Brady Pub for the place to go for a glass of wine and to listen to music.  Nice plug for the Jonas Brothers.

Doug/Julie, Mickey/Maggie:  Ahhh, these people should be on my screen more!  Julie and Maggie standing at the bar and acting like disapproving old biddies had me laughing.  I especially enjoyed the way they both gawked at Nick and Melanie during their public display of affection (in the middle of Chez Rouge no less, have they no standards?).  So Julie immediately pegged Melanie as a troublemaker did she (it does take one to know one, lol)?  Maybe they will put these two in some scenes together (I might even enjoy them).  Hmm... it's probably too much to ask.


The Round Up:  I really enjoyed most parts of this episode - well, the ones that I've mentioned anyway.  I was expecting to be pretty indifferent, considering I knew what was coming from the spoilers; but I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised!  What did you think of the episode and which parts did you enjoy?