General Hospital: Perkie's observations


If Olivia’s going to give Sonny smackdowns everyday, she’ll quickly become my favorite character.

However, they’re laying it on a little thick with the whole "Connie, you kept my secret" business. We get it.

For once, I want Jason to turn to Sonny and say, "if you want someone killed, do it yourself and stop yapping in my face," and then smack Sonny upside the head, just for my viewing pleasure!!

Of course Sonny would assume it’s Karpov and want Jason to retaliate without getting all the details. Stupid little mobster never learns his lesson.

And is Karpov the only one who uses a Russian gun with Russian bullets? Why isn’t anyone thinking that it’s way too convenient that a bullet was left behind to be found.

Karpov gets the stupid award for showing up at the hospital. Granted, he’s trying to save his own skin, but it just came across as antagonizing at the moment.

I don’t like that Ric knows the truth and seems to be okay with it. I just hate that they’re making Ric more loyal to Anthony and not being a little more upset that his future sister in law was shot on her wedding day.

However, I loved the look on Anthony’s face when Claudia said she’s been to see Karpov. Like that’s a part of the plan he hadn’t anticipated.

Love the kid who plays Morgan, but I wonder what that kid thinks when he only gets a script every couple of months and it’s always when someone gets shot. I’ve got to wonder what that’s doing to the poor kid’s psyche.

Love how Liz could be at work, request a week off to go to Italy and then return to work when those plans fall through. Only on a soap!!