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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.01.08

The love story of Jason and Sonny MAY be coming to an end.
Sonny wants his organization back and Jason's not in the giving mood. Would Kate stay with Sonny if he goes back to the biz? RUMORS say she'll tell Jax that she can't. No worries, he has that MOC with Claudia coming up.


Will Kate ask Diane if Sonny's back in the mob? It looks like that's what's happening. Olivia MAY tip her cousin off but it's Diane that confirms what Kate's been told.

It's Carly selling out! Carly sells her half of the Metro Court to Nikolas!

Olivia meet Claudia... I bet you don't like her. Olivia will see Claudia and Sonny in a close moment together and she'll confront him about consorting with mobsters.

Jason takes Elizabeth to see Kate today. Is he a little mean with her? There are RUMORS that he throws a low blow and asks her if she wants to leave her children motherless. Elizabeth tells Jason this does not change anything as far as she's concerned. They argue, she leaves and he thinks he's finally gotten through to her.

Patrick's going to be a busy man. He's operating on Kate, learning her deep dark secrets and turning down Robin's proposal. No fear Scrubbies, they will get engaged, I'm hearing it happens at the park. Is the wedding before the baby I mentioned yesterday just an attempt at marriage? It looks like they'll try to get married before the bundle of joy arrives. It's Uncle Matt to the rescue as he is key in saving Robin during the delivery. CRAZY RUMOR that in his honor, the baby will be named Hunter. Didn't they already do this with Morgan?


Luke returns and it's definitely not a happy reunion for husband and wife. We'll get more Tracy though and that's always a good thing in my book. What about Laura? She'll be around also as Luke is RUMORED to learn that Laura is improving. Has Tracy been in contact with Laura's doctors all along?

JoLu...they break up, Johnny crashes the boat and then he realizes it was all for nothing. Lulu's not as crazy as everyone keeps telling her she is. Laura's really getting better and she really did get that note. While Johnny's acting out, Lulu's getting out of Shadybrook. Julie Marie Berman will take a two week vacation to go on her honeymoon. Will it affect her screentime? Not sure as pre-tapping MAY have occurred.

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Will Karpov want Jerry to prove his loyalty? In another CRAZY RUMOR, the Russian mobster MAY want Jerry to kill Alexis. IF this is true, it's not about Alexis being Jerry's weakness. Alexis sets her sights on taking Karpov down and he's not happy about it.

Still seeing RUMORS that Jerry wants revenge on Sam. He's been played and it cost him Alexis. Really what we SHOULD see is that Jerry thought he could get Sam to break first and admit she's been trying to work him over. The plan "blows up in their faces," Jerry loses Alexis and their is tension between mother and daughter.


Maximus Giambatti... Max and Milo's Dad hits town next week. Jason plays enforcer to protect the lies the boys have been telling. Don't forget Liason Fans, SPOILERS say that Maximus sees Jason kissing Elizabeth.

Remember to check the comments, here's what you may have missed yesterday:

Could Jason's injury be plot point? It looks like an OLD RUMOR is hitting the scene again. A crime MAY go down while Elizabeth is nursing Jason's injury.

Scrubs Stuff... it MAY go marriage then baby? Remember there were RUMBLINGS about picking up a pastor on the way. That Patrick wanted to be married before the baby came. Now I am seeing that the marriage COULD come before the baby. What about Tristan saying he would be at the wedding?

There has been a death RUMORED for a long time. The coffin at Sweeps... oh who am I kidding, it's mob land a death is always RUMORED. The latest? It's a male.

Could we be seeing a Guza-less GH? RUMORS are all over the place. It could be a team of head writers as I suggested or he may just get his walking papers. Remember, the SCOOP was that he had until Sweeps to pull it together and he's promising a Sweeps stunt unlike anything done in Daytime.

Will Jax reconsider Nikolas' offer? RUMORS have Carly and Nikolas working together. Will it be Carly selling out to the Prince?

It looks like we'll get more Jax and Kate time.