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Random DAYS Thoughts


Tuesday's episode 09.30.08


Awww... When there are real-live babies onscreen, they really steal the show.  How cute is Johnny?  How cute was EJ playing with Johnny?  I could barely pay attention to what Lucas and Sami were talking about in the scene pictured here - I tried to rewind and re-watch, but I'm still none the wiser.

I did pay close attention to EJami though.  Welcome back to my screen!  I've missed you guys - and you seem more like the EJami I remember too.  I'm really glad that Sami is being pro-active and doing something about gaining her independance back.  It saddened me to see Sami's self confidence so low though; how she braced herself for the inevitable comments about her hireability, and how she struggled to find something good about herself to write on her resume.  Somehow, I don't think four years of piano training and the ability to forge anyone's signature (even in the dark) are the type of admirable qualities an employer looks for.  But I loved EJ for his attempts to make Sami feel good about herself - and they shared a moment before Lucas interrupted... darn it!

I was so glad to see more of Lexie and Abe on my screen.  I'm not convinced that Lexie is truly happy with her reduced hours at the hospital, even though it enables her to spend so much more time with Theo, which is what she wanted.  Something in the way she reacted to Kayla's news of becoming the interim Chief of Staff, and then how she asked Chelsea if she had to go after they'd been chatting... I don't know, I think Lexie misses the work.  As for Abe, I'm excited about the prospect of him running for Mayor - now that he's no longer Police Commissioner, I think it's a natural step for him.  On the other hand, I was sort of looking forward to him taking down Stefano - the illegal way - but maybe that's still coming.

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Chelsea seems to get a real kick out of working with Theo.  I wonder what they're going to do once he no longer needs an OT?  Should they SORAS some other kids so she can work with them?  I also think that Chelsea's conversation with Hope was telling - someone else is asking if she still has feelings for Nick.  Oh please, oh please, oh please.

Mayor Marino has taken up his own vendetta of sorts against the Brady family - he doesn't like how much influence they have over the town.  Then why did he nominate Hope for Police Commissioner?  She's a Brady, albeit by marriage!  I'm still disappointed that Hope turned the job down, although it is interesting watch Bo have to play by the rules and not spring Caroline out of jail.


It didn't take much for the Salem PD to put Nicole at the top of their list of suspects for Trent's murder.  A pregnant Nicole in jail - now that could be interesting.  I'm taking Max off my list though,  there's no way he would allow his Mom to take the blame for him; to spend the night in jail for him.  I applauded when Max yelled at Melanie if she was the sort of person who would let others take the blame for her, especially ones that had been so kind to her since being in Salem.  Before Trent became Pimp Daddy, Melanie was exactly that sort of person - don't forget how she left Max and Stephanie in jail in France.  Of course bracelet stealing and murder are two very different crimes.

The Round Up:

On the whole, a pretty good episode.  The EJami stuff was great and there was a moment at the end for the Lumi fans when Lucas called Sami 'baby' while trying to rouse her from her fainting spell.  Abe's getting a real storyline.  Lots of cute babies and kids onscreen.  A dodgy public official.  A killer still on the loose.  A much loved Salemite still accused and being held for murder.  As EJ said, I'm focusing on the positives.  Let's hope DAYS keeps doing that too.