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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I find I don’t have much to say today. In fact, I didn’t even take any notes. Maybe because it was more of a continuation from yesterday, with no real movement, so these obs will be brief.

Jax really needs to stop sending Carly mixed signals. I’m not a fan of Carly’s and I do believe she created this gigantic mess that her marriage has become, but Jax keeps playing the pull me/push me game and if I were Carly, I’d have to smack him.

Why is Jason so sure the bullet was meant for Kate and not meant for Sonny and missed?

I hated that Jason dragged Liz to see Kate. It just seemed very condescending to me, considering what he does for a living. And if Liz was really serious about Jason (blech!!) than she should have hauled his butt down to the morgue and said, “see these people, they won’t ever be able to go to Italy, so let’s go while were not dead yet”.

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More Olivia goodness. I love Patrick, but I love that she was all, “put your money where your mouth is”. Girl doesn’t impress easily.

Nikodine: Nice that they found a bed and didn’t succumb to the temptations of the couch. I’m guessing one of them will have second thoughts though, and I’m wondering which one of the two it will be.

Still not liking Ric’s involvement in AZ’s plans, but I do like that he explained to Claudia that he wants to see what the fall out will be. That Ric I can understand.

Although I have to wonder why Anthony’s plan is so convoluted. If he wants Jason dead so badly, isn’t it just easier to kill him, rather than go the scenic route of shooting Kate, expecting Sonny to blame Karpov, Sonny getting disenchanted with Jason and turning to AZ, who will kill Karpov for Sonny and then kill Jason. I mean, there is an easier way here, people.