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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.02.08


Paint Fight...I'm hearing that it's cute and very couplish (is that a word?). RUMORS still say that Jason hurts his ankle, a sprain, and Elizabeth tends to her man. Any sexy times for Liason? Not 100% sure, but there are RUMBLINGS that they are coming.

LuSam...Lucky and Sam SHOULD have more time together. Remember, thanks to Jerry, she gets arrested. Anyone recall those RUMORS from a few weeks back where Lucky and Nikolas go to Alexis to plead Sam's case? It looks like those are popping up again but it's just Lucky defending his gal. Sexy times for LuSam? If the RUMORS are correct, there is plenty coming our way. Sweet scenes as "I love you's" are exchanged.

Tracy goes looking for Luke. I'm pretty sure she finds him.

Jason and Sonny at war? It looks like that MAY be coming. We already know that Jason will refuse to return the biz to Sonny. They'll argue and that's how it SEEMS he hooks up with the Z's for the MOC to Claudia. What about Kate? It looks like she MAY turn to Carly for some help. Who else is seeking Carly's guidance? Olivia. She has some questions for the former Mrs. Corinthos.

Lulu gets out of the nuthouse and if you remember, there were RUMORS that she'd be the first one meeting Dante. It COULD be upon her release that she meets the secret son. He's dumped her, for her own good, but Johnny wants Lulu back. She's not willing to put her heart out there again. Lucky tells Johnny to stay away.

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Sonny's Son... has he been cast? Will Bradford Anderson tackle a dual role? Will Sonny's son wind up being Spinelli as it's been RUMORED almost as long as Bradford has been on General Hospital? It's all out there. Whichever route they go in, they better do it right or this storyline will suck. Hopefully they've learned how to introduce a character. They nailed it with Olivia's introduction.

Maxie to the rescue? SPOILERS say she'll try to keep Crimson going while Kate's in the hospital. She's also in on trying to help Lulu. Spixie try to bust her out and Maxie goes to Johnny for help.


JLex and this Jerm mess... Sam's still working Jerry. She wants his PDA and it's Jerm PDA that Alexis MAY walk in on. I'm not sure about all this so grab the salt just to be safe. It looks like Alexis gets a search warrant for Sam's apartment. When she arrives, Sam is trying to work one over Jerry in the hot tub. Alexis walks in on them kissing. or not? My roomie had to watch it twice she loved it so much. Nadine leaves in a hurry, confusing Nikolas. Remember, he compares her to Emily and she's not interested in being a place holder. Whatever goes on in Nadine's whacky head, she plants a smooch on Spinelli in front of Nikolas. Thankfully Elizabeth steps in and gives Nikolas a lesson on girls. Will Nikadine go for round two? RUMORS say they will.

RANDOM RUMORS... has Johnny cracked the case? He thinks he knows who shot Kate. Elizabeth hears that Kate may never walk again and this SHOULD have her seeking out Jason. Jerry talks Karpov out of killing Alexis. He's such a good boyfriend. Why does Nikolas really want the Metro Court?

PROGRAMMING NOTE... Can my SPOILER faithful handle a Friday without me? I'm off to the land of cheese to see my Buckeyes. Road Trip! Yay! I'll be back on Monday and I'll update as much as I can all day today so CHECK THE COMMENTS!