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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Showdowns and searches are the house specialty on The Young and the Restless.Daytime Confidential fans get a tase of what's to come.


Heather: The newly reinstated A.D.A. decides to dig up more info on Victor's Mexican getaway. Seems she really thinks that she can take on Victor a second time around. Guess she never spoke with Jack and Brad about that.

Nikki/JT/Victoria: The trio hatch a scheme to protect Victor.

Phyllis/Amber: Their dislike of each other takes a turn for the worse when the vixens have a blowup on the radio.

Daniel: Genoa City's own Picasso has a revelation.

Devon: He gets word that Tyra and baby sis Ana have vanished.

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Michael: He risks his safety in order to help River.

Gloria: She lends a hand to Michael and they find a witness that may be able to clear River's name.

Nick/Phyllis: The honeymoon phase for the couple appears to be over and it has Phyllis lashing out. Phyllis gets pissed and jealous of Nick going over to ex-wife Sharon's place to deal with Noah's current predicament. True to form, Phyllis retaliates by writing a biting editor's letter for Restless Style that portrays Jack as the villain and Sharon his puppet.

When Nick gets wind of his wife's latest stunt, he is irate over her antics since she's adopting the same methods that Jack used. Nick has become fed up with his wife's childish antics and her not understanding he and Sharon will always be linked since they share a son and were each other's first loves. Phyllis apologizes, but Nick doesn't want to hear it. He visits Sharon and gives her the heads up on the letter and apologizes.

When Phyllis finds out that Nick saw Sharon, she is livid and starts to believe that Nick's potraying Sharon as the innocent party and his wife as the guilty one. Phyllis can't come to terms that Nick still cares for Sharon and will always have a piece of himself left with her while forgetting the fact that she torpedod their marriage.

Things go from bad to worse for Phyllis when her mother-in-law Nikki hears about the latest trick she's (Phyllis) pulled and rips into her. The two Mrs. Newmans have a heated exchange where Phyllis tries to pull rank on Nikki and threatens to fire her. Unfortunately for Phyllis, Nikki doesn't bend to her scare tactics and lets her know that wife or not, Nick will never give his mom the pink slip. Phyllis realizes that Nikki has the advantage over her, which gets her steamed.

Sharon informs Jack of the letter which leads to him lighting into Phyllis. Jack gives her a warning that Nick hasn't encountered the true Phyllis like he has in the past and she'll ruin her own happiness.

Real or Rumor: The buzz on the net is that Victor is indeed linked to Walter's death and not the way viewers may think. Sources say that it wasn't to strike back for Sabrina's death, but to keep Nikki and their kids safe.